Demi Burnett Was ‘The Bachelorette’ Runner-up After Hannah B.

Demi Burnett, who started out as the villain on Colton’s season of The Bachelor and ended being the show’s spitfire sweetheart, was actually a huge contender for The Bachelorette. In fact, according to Demi, if the role didn’t go to Hannah B., ABC was going to give it to her.

Demi Burnett | Eric McCandless via Getty Images
Demi Burnett | Eric McCandless via Getty Images

“I think I can say this because Robert Mills has done like a lot of interviews about this and he said that it came down to me and [Hannah Brown]. I didn’t think that would ever happen. I was like there’s no way I would ever be considered but I was and so even in my interview with him I said I either want it to be me or Hannah Brown,” Demi recently told Extra TV.

E! News reported that Robert Mills, ABC’s Senior Vice President, said that Demi was “probably the No. 2 choice if Hannah turned down the job or if something would’ve happened.”

“I think Demi would be a really interesting season,” Mills told the publication.

If The Bachelorette can be an awkward ex-pageant queen, there’s no reason the role couldn’t have gone to a Bachelor reformed villain. Either way, it seems ABC wanted to shake things up this season.

Is Demi happy for Hannah B.?

She’s ecstatic. As Bachelor fans know, Demi and Hannah B. got pretty close during Colton’s season (see: their signature head bump). When Demi found out that The Bachelorette was going to Hannah, she cried tears of joy.

“I cried, like tears of joy, I was so happy for her … My girl Hannah Brown deserves this. She talks about marriage all the time. She’s ready to be married and I think she honestly will do a better job than I would have done,” she told Extra TV. What a good friend.

Demi went on to say that her friend will be such a great Bachelorette because she’s unapologetically herself and that she’s confident that she’ll find love through this process.  

“Hannah’s real, Hannah’s raw, a lot of people comment about how awkward she can be and stuff like that but I think that that’s very relatable. I think that Hannah Brown is so relatable,” said Demi. “I think that she has such a kind, true heart and she really is ready to get engaged and I know that she’s gonna find love out of this I just know it.”

How Demi and Hannah B. became friends

Demi also spoke about how she and Hannah B. became friends on The Bachelor.

“I remember specifically in the mansion when we became friends she had gone on her one-on-one date and before her one-on-one date she was doing her inability to speak publically kind of thing, being awkward and cute… I mean I always adored her I thought she was so cute, but we kind of just started talking and she saw how real I was being and she was like ‘I like you Demi, I really like you.’ So after that we just started feeing into each other and fueling each other’s fire and we became a dynamic duo.”

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