Demi Burnett’s Instagram Story Proves One of Her ‘Bachelor’ Feuds Has Been Totally Squashed

Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor took some seriously unexpected twists and turns, and fans developed a few favorites along the way. Demi Burnett stood out right from the get-go when she mentioned Colton’s virginity upon their first meeting. And while she was vilified in the beginning of the season, fans of the show grew to love her outspoken nature and spunky can-do attitude.

Every “villain” on The Bachelor is bound to make a few enemies, however — and Demi didn’t get away from the past season unscathed. Plenty of girls didn’t appreciate her actions, and we all saw the drama unfold. It seems Demi’s squashed her issues with one fellow contestant, however, and she recently proved it on Instagram.

Demi and Tracy feuded on The Bachelor from the beginning

Tracy Shapoff on "The Bachelor"
Tracy Shapoff on The Bachelor | Rick Rowell/Getty Images

Demi met Colton when she was just 23, which made her one of the younger contestants on the show. And while the older contestants may have had wisdom and maturity on their side, Demi made it known that the “cougars” of the group (who seemed to be anyone over the age of 27) were at an extreme disadvantage. Personalities clashed hard, and Demi and fellow 31-year-old contestant Tracy, had several verbal altercations.

Bustle reminds us Tracy saw Demi’s outspoken nature as childish, and the older contestant got particularly offended when Demi touched the highly-coveted group date rose that was yet to be given away by Colton. Their feud got even worse when Demi interrupted Colton’s alone time with Tracy, which resulted in Tracy crying and Demi giving a half-hearted apology. Tracy went home before Demi, of course — and fans figured the two would never be seen together outside of the show when all was said and done.

Demi just featured Tracy on her Instagram story

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Dangerous group of cats

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To everyone’s surprise, it seems Demi and Tracy might actually be friendly now that the fight for Colton’s love is over. Tracy initially posted a boomerang on her Instagram story of her drinking sake — and she tagged Demi in the post. “@demi_not_lovato where you at, this sake can’t drink itself…,” Tracy commented on the post. Demi then copied the post and added it to her own Instagram story, proving that their feud has been totally squashed.

It seems Tracy has also spoken out about how she feels about Demi now, too. As Tracy told FanSided, “I mean I don’t really have a big issue with Demi outside of the show. In the show, it was pretty difficult. We had issues — I feel like she did kind of target me and poke at me while we were there and we definitely had words with each other and had our issues.” But Tracy then added, “Once we were removed from the situation and able to see the bigger picture, I think we were just approaching the experience very differently. Being removed from it now, it’s water under the bridge.”

Demi still hates this one former contestant, however

"The Bachelor: Women Tell All" special
The Bachelor: Women Tell All special | Eric McCandless/Getty Images

Tracy and Demi may have totally squashed their feud — but it seems Demi still has major beef with Courtney. The two exchanged heated words both on The Bachelor and during the Women Tell All reunion, and it seems Demi is still appalled by some of the actions Courtney took against her. Glamour reminds us during Women Tell All, Courtney got up and tried to shove a pacifier into Demi’s mouth as a statement regarding how childish Demi was. “It’s 100 percent not OK. It made her look terrible. The only reason I’m not more mad about it is because everybody knows how bad that was. Everybody can see for themselves,” Demi told Glamour.

Even Tracy admitted the moment between Demi and Courtney was shocking. “I mean, she’s sitting there obviously trying to put on a good face and explain that she’s more mature than Demi but then she kind of lowered herself much more than she needed to by making it physical. It was unnecessary,” Tracy told FanSided.

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