Demi Lovato Didn’t Post Her Own Nudes on Snapchat – Here’s Who Did

A few days ago, Demi Lovato was the subject of major media attention when nude photos were posted to her Snapchat. The photos depicted a woman who resembles Lovato, though it’s not clear if they depicted Lovato herself. Some speculated that Lovato may have posted those images to Snapchat, though this is not the case. Let’s look at who was behind this infamous photo leak. 

Demi Lovato | Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for March For Our Lives

Demi Lovato’s alleged nudes were posted by hackers

According to a Blast report cited by Fox News, hackers were behind this infamous leak of Lovato‘s alleged nude photos. The same hackers behind this leak were supposedly behind a leak of nude photos of Chloe Grace Moretz. When the images were posted to Snapchat, they were accompanied by a message saying “Join this discord server for my nudes.” The hackers also implied that a sex tape of Lovato would be released shortly after the alleged nudes.

Demi Lovato in Las Vegas | Mindy Small/FilmMagic

Discord was apparently not pleased with this development. The website quickly took down the Discord server which included the nude images. Discord released a statement regarding the incident that was printed in the Los Angeles Times. It said “We have a zero-tolerance approach to illegal activity on our platform and take immediate action when we become aware of it. We moved quickly yesterday to disable the link and stop access to the server as soon as we became aware of it.”

Lovato’s fans were very critical of the hackers who posted the images. Any leak of this sort is despicable, but it may be an especially sensitive issue in Lovato’s case as the singer has been open about her struggles with her body image in the past. The singer once posted to social media that her biggest fear is “A photo of me in a bikini unedited.”

This leak comes at a time where Lovato seems to be garnering more headlines for her personal life than her art. Earlier this year, the singer entered rehab following an overdose. 

The group behind the leak attacked Chloe Grace Moretz and others

Chloe Grace Moretz | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

The group behind the Lovato and Moretz’s leaks is called The Chuckling Squad and appears to see their gross invasions of privacy as humorous. When they hacked Moretz’s account earlier this year, they posted tweets about Big Chungus, an internet meme involving an old Bugs Bunny cartoon. The meme itself is harmless and funny, so it’s upsetting that it was somehow tied to what happened to Moretz.

Slate reported that when this hacker group commandeered Moretz’s account, they posted what was allegedly Jack Dorsey’s social security number. All of the tweets posted to this account by the hackers were promptly deleted by Twitter.

Slate theorized that hackers were able to access the actress’s account thanks to some sort of weakness in Cloudhopper. It is currently unclear if the Chuckling Squad is an organized group or a series of copycats, each dedicated to harassing celebrities through social media. Other celebrities targeted by the group include James Charles, Shane Dawson, and DJ Akademiks.