How Did Demi Lovato Predict Her Super Bowl LIV National Anthem Performance?

Singer-songwriter Demi Lovato performed at the Super Bowl in 2020. She sang the National Anthem, which has been a dream of hers for a long time. In fact, she predicted it would happen long ago. Read on to learn how Lovato made it happen.

Demi Lovato has been in the public eye for many years

Demi Lovato performs the national anthem prior to Super Bowl LIV on February 02, 2020 in Miami, Florida.
Demi Lovato performs the national anthem prior to Super Bowl LIV on February 02, 2020 in Miami, Florida. | Tom Pennington/Getty Images

For those who aren’t familiar with her career trajectory, Lovato has been in show business for quite some time. She began as an actress, appearing on Barney & Friends alongside Selena Gomez. Not long after, she became one of several fledgling Disney Channel stars we know today as superstars.

Lovato first appeared on the short-form series As the Bell Rings. She then showcased her musical talent in the beloved Disney movies Camp Rock and its sequel. She also starred on Sonny with a Chance. Lovato released multiple albums through Disney‘s Hollywood Records over this time.

She has experienced a lot of ups and downs

Despite her ties to the Disney Channel and its squeaky clean image, Lovato has faced many very adult struggles over the last decade. She left her tour with the Jonas Brothers in 2010, which she later revealed to be for issues including an eating disorder, mental illness, and drug addiction.

Lovato came back strong. She appeared as a judge on The X-Factor, went on tour multiple times, recurred on Glee, and even put out two documentaries about her recovery process. However, in 2018, she revealed that she had relapsed, and on July 24, 2018, she overdosed.

Here’s what Lovato tweeted in 2010

On Feb. 7, 2010, the New Orleans Saints and the Indianapolis Colts played in Super Bowl XLIV. That year, the National Anthem was sung by country star Carrie Underwood. Lovato must have been inspired by her performance, because she tweeted “One day, I’m gonna sing the national anthem at the super bowl.”

At this time, Lovato was doing well. She was still on Sonny with a Chance, made a guest appearance on Grey’s Anatomy, and Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam had been filmed. This is thought to be around the time she began using drugs, but things hadn’t yet escalated.

Her dreams came true

This tweet resurfaced almost exactly ten years later. On Feb. 2, 2020, Lovato sang the National Anthem at Super Bowl LIV. It was actually her manager, Scooter Braun, who pointed out how she had perfectly predicted this moment, and she shared his sentiments on her social media channels.

Lovato later posted her performance, aptly calling it “a dream come true.” Given how much has happened to her over the past decade, it’s pretty amazing to see how she’s rebounded and essentially willed this moment into existence.

How has Lovato’s social media use changed over the years?

Back in the days of her 2010 tweet, Lovato was fairly active on Twitter. However, these days, her Twitter account is run by her team. Her personal focus appears to be on Instagram, which is a bit more refined than in the past. However, she has used it as a platform to be very honest on some subjects.

Lovato took to her Instagram in 2019 to share an unedited bikini photo, opening up about her own concerns about her body. Even if she’s only using Instagram, we hope she’ll keep using the channel to be open with her fans, and maybe even will some more incredible goals into existence.