Denise Richards Reveals the Most Surprising Thing About Being a ‘Real Housewife’

This might be Denise Richards first season starring on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but she is not new to the game. Don’t let her inviting smile fool you. She has been a big fan of the show, the franchise, and the drama from the start.

On top of knowing all the ins and outs of the show, she was also the star of Denise Richards: It’s Complicated, on E!. She also allowed filming while she was getting married to her new husband Aaron Phypers. These experiences might help her navigate the RHOBH better than most first season newbies. 

Richards has had her fair share of drama both on and off screen. With all her experience in Hollywood and her love for the RHOBH, you would think nothing could surprise her. Not so. It turns out there were a couple of things she wasn’t expecting after joining the cast.

Denise Richards is surprised the ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ is not scripted

On a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Denise Richards admits she was surprised to find out the show was unscripted. It’s hard for many people to believe because these shows come with so much drama, one might automatically assume they were written.

“I would say that I was surprised that it was actually not scripted at all. It’s real, real, real reality” Richards told Cohen in an interview on Bravo.

Nope. It turns out the RHOBH is not scripted. The women are just being themselves, and that alone seems to bring on the drama that we all love to watch. Also in the interview, we learned that she had a hard time getting used to going to restaurants as a group with the other housewives. 

The housewives go to actual restaurants with real patrons during filming

Fans everywhere were dying when Richards revealed that restaurant scenes are actually filmed in real restaurants. No sets. No extras. Just real housewives dining out with real patrons.

Of course, the RHOBH would want to keep the show as real and unscripted as possible. Filming in real restaurants gives the show and the cast members a more natural feel then if the scenes were shot on a set somewhere. 

We can only imagine what some people would be thinking when they see all the housewives arguing at a table next to them. As Richards said during her interview, “Were not really a discrete group.”

What have we learned about Denise Richards this season?

So far from season nine of the RHOBH, we have learned that Richards makes greats snacks and likes to entertain. According to E! News, when asked: “What’s your favorite thing about having Denise Richards in the group?” Teddi said, “Her Snacks.”

We also learned that Denise Richards has a strong physical attraction to her husband and she is not afraid to talk about it. When asked what she thought when first meeting him she said “I thought he was very cute, and I wanted to f—k him. I just wanted to have sex with him…He has a very big penis,” Richards revealed on the show, reported by E!online

By all accounts, it looks like Richards is fitting in quite well. “She brings wisdom, she brings life. She’s been through it in the last 14 years,” Lisa Rinna said of her castmate and longtime friend.

Will Charlie Sheen make an appearance on the show?

There have been rumors that Richards ex-husband, Charlie Sheen might make a cameo this season. I mean she did have a few guest spots in his show Anger Management after their divorce. And, despite their bitter custody battle, they were able to mend their friendship. It’s not out of the whelm of possibilities. 

While Sheen did admit he would be up for it, there has been no confirmation so far. He did mention the possibility that he might be dropping off his daughters to Richards, and a camera might catch him, but no official word yet.