Who Is Dennis Mckinley, Porsha Williams’ Fiancé?

Porsha Williams and Dennis McKinley

Porsha Williams and Dennis McKinley | Instagram via porsha4real

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star has multiple big life changes going on. She recently revealed that she is dating a man named Dennis McKinley, then she revealed that she is pregnant! The reality star has now announced that the two are engaged. So who is this man who won her over? Here are five things you need to know about him.

1. He owns a restaurant and several lounges

It seems like McKinley is a very busy guy. According to Celebrity Insider, he has multiple businesses in Atlanta and his hometown, Detroit including The Original Hot Dog Factory, Cru Hookah Lounge, and Daydream Hookah Lounge.

2. He’s also in the weave business

Williams has her own collection of weave and wigs with Go Naked Hair. But her fiancé also is in the weave business with Queen Virgin Remy. He has it listed on his Facebook page that he is a clerk there, but Celebrity Insider reports he started the business. Maybe the two will partner up one day!

3. He got her a ring designed by Richie Rich

The reality star showed off her engagement ring on Instagram. According to E! News, it is designed by Richie Rich and it comes at a high price. Andrew Brown of WP Diamonds claimed in their report that its estimated cost is $750,000.

4. He reportedly rented out a venue and used a helicopter to propose

The entrepreneur reportedly went all out in order to propose to Williams. According to People, Williams’ representative said “Dennis rented out a venue and took Porsha via helicopter there” and had “candles and rose petals everywhere.” Singer, Lil’ Mo also performed Williams’ favorite song, “4 Ever” at the event.

5. He will be on Real Housewives of Atlanta

Reality stars don’t always fall in love with people who want to be filmed. But fans will be able to see their relationship and engagement for themselves next season. McKinley reportedly has been shooting for the show.

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