Derick Dillard Just Told a ‘Shocked’ Follower That He and Jill Duggar Vaccinate Their Kids

No matter which child of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s you love to follow, there’s no doubt Jill Duggar and her husband, Derick Dillard, get a ton of attention. From the day they married to now, fans have been curious as to what the couple’s up to with their two children, Samuel and Israel And unlike many other fan favorites, we don’t hear too many updates on Jill and Derick via TLC’s Counting On, as the two were removed from the show due to Derick’s homophobic and transphobic Twitter activity in the past.

Just because they’re not on TV doesn’t mean they’re silenced, however. Both Derick and Jill are quite popular on Instagram — and Derick recently added a controversial post regarding vaccines. Here’s how he just clapped back at a “shocked” follower on the post, too.

Derick Dillard surprised his Instagram followers with info about his family recently

Derick Dillard’s been quite transparent with his followers lately when it comes to where and Jill stand on certain family matters. Everyone’s well-aware that Jill grew up with some strict rules in her household. And while everyone assumed Jill would be imposing similar restrictions on her own two sons, it looks like Derick may be more open than many thought.

On a recent Instagram post, he shared with his followers that he’d allow his sons to go to public college despite Jill homeschooling them now, for example. And even when his followers made snarky comments on how they don’t think Jill or Derick will actually allow their children to go to a public university, Derick gave his own reply that shows he’s completely open to giving his sons the same opportunities he had.

Not only that, but Derick also surprised his followers by mentioning that he and Jill aren’t against birth control like many suspected they would be.

He just told another follower that he vaccinates his kids

With the Duggars taking many controversial stances in their lives, it wouldn’t surprise if they were also against vaccinations. And while we’re not sure exactly where the rest of the Duggars stand, it seems Derick isn’t scared to share his views. He posted this photo of himself to Instagram with the caption, “Got my flu shot for the season! Go out and get yours if you haven’t yet, and try to stay healthy this year.”

Derick’s post caused quite a stir from his followers, too. As one of his followers wrote, “Y’all vaccinate? I’m kinda shocked.” To that, he replied, “yes, we vaccinate. I actually had to get about 12 extra ones in my early 20s when I moved to Asia. Our boys just got more shots at their last appointment a couple months ago too.”

His stance caused controversy

Derick’s response to the follower came with some fan support, but not everyone’s happy with what he posted. As another follower wrote, “God already gave you the immunity to fight the flu.” And another added, “Are you aware that DNA from aborted babies are in the vaccines? How can that not go against your conscience when you stand against abortion, but use a product where cells from aborted babies are being used?” Yet another wrote, “Please do your research. They’re pure poison.”

We doubt Derick will change his stance despite the concern. As for Jill, we’re not so sure where she stands. But we’re doubtful she’s against vaccinations, as she most likely had to get a few for her travels abroad for missionary work, too. No matter what, it’s important for Derick and Jill’s kids to remain safe and healthy, so vaccinating them is certainly the best way to go. And we’re sure this is far from the last controversial post we’ll see from either Jill or Derick, too!

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