Derick Dillard’s Recent Tweet Makes A Lot of Sense In Light of The Duggar Family Raids

Derick Dillard was seemingly ousted by the Duggar family in recent months. The famed son-in-law has taken to Twitter to rant against the Duggars and TLC for months, but no one was taking him seriously, that is, until now. With a federal investigation into the Duggar family all but confirmed, fans are turning their sights back to Derick’s Twitter feed, and there are more than a few postings that clearly indicate the current situation was a long time coming. One tweet, in particular, posted on Oct. 2,  seems to call out Josh Duggar. In light of recent events, everything Derick is saying appears to be at least somewhat correct.

Derick posted about first-born children on Oct. 2

On Oct. 2, Derick took to Twitter to share a quote. He wrote, “In a big family, the first child is kind of like the first pancake— if it’s not perfect, that’s ok, there are a lot more coming along.” The quote is attributed to Antonin Scalia, the Supreme Court Justice. Scalia, who passed away in 2016, was the father of nine children.

While Dillard’s tweet was thought to be just a funny quip, in light of recent events, it seems telling. Derick and Jill Duggar only have two children together. Fans have long surmised that the couple either can not have or do not want any more children. Derick is from a relatively small family, too. He has one brother. With all that information, fans assume Derick was talking about the Duggar family. With 19 children, there is bound to be one bad egg, and that bad egg seems to be Josh. Josh is the family’s eldest child.

Was Derick Dillard talking about Josh Duggar’s current troubles?

While Dillard never alluded to whom he was referring, fans are pretty sure the Tweet was intended for Josh. Josh and his wife, Anna Duggar, are currently awaiting the birth of their sixth child, but their marriage hasn’t exactly been a happy one. In 2015, the family was hit with back-to-back scandals. First, Josh’s molestation of several of his siblings came to light. The molestation took place when Josh was a teen; his youngest victim was a then 5-year-old sister.

The dust had barely settled from the bombshell when Josh was implicated in a cheating scandal. His information was released as part of the Ashley Madison security breach. Josh later admitted to cheating on his wife. It is not known how many women he connected with, but he does admit to being unfaithful. Josh also had an OkCupid profile, as well.  

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The family’s latest scandal hasn’t shaken out entirely yet, but fans are convinced that all signs point to trouble with Josh, again. Since a federal spokesman has all but confirmed a federal agency was conducting a criminal investigation on a business owned by Josh, the assumptions seem to be true. The real question now is if Derick was aware of the upcoming scandal when he tweeted about Jim Bob and TLC early in November.

HSI raid seems to be linked to Joshua Duggar

While rumors initially swirled that the FBI was on hand at the Duggar family compound in Springdale, Arkansas, those rumors appear to be incorrect. Instead, the Department of Homeland Security confirmed that they were investigating a business owned by the family. They were on hand at the car lot owned by the wayward Duggar son, located on Wildcat Creek Road, also in Springdale, Arkansas.

 The Duggar family has denied all allegations of raids, according to Fox News, but an HSI spokesperson is telling a far different story. Bryan Cox, a spokesperson for the agency, spoke to KNWA, a local new station on Nov. 20. He said, “ “I can’t speak to any individual that may be under investigation. So I can confirm that we were at that address. And spoke to individuals at that location. But I can’t discuss any individuals by name.”

The current situation is still unfolding. The department will not reveal the nature of the visit unless or until criminal charges are filed. The spokesperson stopped short at sharing how likely criminal charges are.