‘Derry Girls’: Will Season 3 of the Netflix Hit Be Their Last?

In 2018, the world was introduced to the awkward and misguided adventures of five Irish teenagers growing up in the 90s during the Troubles. Derry Girls was an international hit once it started streaming on Netflix later that year. 

It’s been two years since the show ended its second season. Like most productions, coronavirus (COVID-19) pushed back Derry Girls’ season 3 shooting dates. However, multiple cast members have confirmed filming will start later this year. 

Since the actors are getting older, it’s unlikely the show will go past the upcoming season. Here’s what the cast and crew of Derry Girls have to say about the show’s future. 

The cast of Derry girls in their penultimate season, season 2
The cast of ‘Derry Girls’ in season 2 | Netflix

‘Derry Girls’ season 3 will air in 2022

Fans won’t have to wait much longer for the show to start filming season 3.

“It’s happening this year, it’s definitely happening this year!” Tara Lynne O’ Neill, who plays Erin’s mom, told the Irish Mirror.  “If we leave it another year, we’ll all be old-age pensioners! It will be called ‘Derry Old Ones!’ No, we’re gonna do it this year, so it will be out early next year. We’re tied in for the filming date. We’re shooting this year.”

Siobhan McSweeney, who plays Sister Michael, reiterated to RadioTimes.com that scheduling had been an issue. “The one thing I would say is that we are hoping to do it this year. It’s a scheduling nightmare, as you can imagine,” she said.

‘Derry Girls’ creator Lisa McGee says season 3 will be the last

With so many cast members working on other projects, including Nicola Coughlan on Bridgerton, the show’s ending sooner rather than later seems inevitable. Tommy Tiernan, who plays Erin’s dad Gerry, first broke the news that season 3 would be the last to Absolute Radio host Jason Manford in March 2020. 

“This is the last series, I think. As far as I know, this is the very last series,” he said. 

Derry Girls creator Lisa McGee confirmed the news later that year, pointing out Erin and the rest of the gang are around 16 years old at the start of the series. McGee told i News that in season 3, they would be 17. 

“I don’t want to write them beyond 18. It’s about that magic time before you’re officially an adult.”

Creator Lisa McGee says the gang will have to grow up in Season 3 

While McGee was writing season 3, an Irish woman, Lyra McKee, was killed by the new IRA. Her murder greatly impacted McGee’s writing, according to her i News interview. “That really affected a lot of people; it reminded them of what we’ve gone through, and how hard-won peace was.”

However, Derry Girls is still a comedy. As McGee reminds the show’s fans, Erin, Claire, Orla, Dylan, and Michelle are “still eejits, they still get into a lot of trouble, and embarrass themselves and do all those things you’d expect the Derry Girls to do, but they do have to face some big things this time. It’s still funny. The most important thing is that it brings joy to people. I want to make people really, really laugh.”

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