‘Destiny’ Woes and 3 More Video Game Leaks and Rumors

Each week we scan through the shadowy corners of the Internet, looking for unannounced clues about what’s coming our way in the world of video games. Game and hardware makers might not be ready to share the information yet, but if leaks and rumors make their way out, we’re here to report them.

This week we have rumors and leaks surrounding DestinyStar Wars Battlefront, some surprising PlayStation 4 games, and more. Read on to see what exciting new stuff might come to pass in gaming.

1. Destiny pre-release turmoil detailed

Source: Bungie

Source: Bungie

Thanks to confidentiality agreements and general secrecy, we normally don’t get many details about developer issues that affect a game as big as Destiny. But thanks to some recently filed court documents, the story of how Destiny came to be is starting to take shape.

Apparently, just before Bungie had hoped to launch the game in September 2013, the developer “substantially revised” the game’s story, altering major plot points that had already been announced to the public. Shortly after that, the game’s head writer quit and the composer was fired. As a result of these major behind-the-scenes changes, the game’s release date was pushed to 2014.

This information was revealed as a result of a legal battle between Bungie and the game’s ousted composer. You can read a more detailed version of the story here on Polygon.

2. 10 minutes of Star Wars Battlefront footage leaks

Fans of third-person shooters and Star Wars will be pleased to hear that 10 minutes of alpha footage from the PC version of Star Wars Battlefront has leaked onto the Internet. The footage shows a match on the Hoth map, in which up to 40 players can duke it out on the frozen planet, using ground troops, air vehicles, and giant four-legged AT-AT machines.

If that sounds like fun, watch it as soon as you can. Electronic Arts has a history of squashing leaked footage in a timely manner.

Star Wars Battlefront is a multiplayer-focused shooter that is set to launch on November 17 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

3. Kingdom Hearts 2.9 may be happening

It must be hard to keep secrets when you’re a major video game company that employs thousands of people. Thanks to a slip-up on LinkedIn by a former Square Enix employee, the world is now expecting a previously unannounced game called Kingdom Hearts 2.9, which is apparently coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.

In all likelihood, the game is some sort of re-release of one or more previous Kingdom Hearts titles. Square Enix has released a number of similar repackaged titles before, but none has appeared on the PS4. A remaster of previous games on PS4 could bring newcomers to the series prior to the launch of Kingdom Hearts 3.

Speaking of Kingdom Hearts 3, that game is also included on the resume of the employee in question. Apparently he worked on the game’s multiplayer mode and coordinated meetings with Pixar. For its part, Pixar has never had any characters in a Kingdom Hearts game. If this guy’s profile is accurate, that could be about to change.

4. PS2 games coming to PS4

It seems like every week we learn of the existence of a new game through a ratings board leak. This week’s leak comes from the Pan European Game Information Board, which has listed game ratings for the PlayStation 2 games Ape Escape 2, Dark Cloud 2, and Twisted Metal: Black. These games are rated for release on the PlayStation 4, which wouldn’t be a big deal except that no other PS2 game has been released for the PS4 yet.

The PlayStation 3 has a digital storefront for “PS2 Classics,” but Sony has yet to say anything about bringing PS2 games to the PS4. If these listings are correct, now would be a good time for Sony to make an announcement.

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