‘Diary of a Future President’ Episode 4 Recap — ‘The National Mall’

Some of the most powerful women in history are rule-breakers, Sasha tells Elena. (Beyoncé included.) But when this 12-year-old decides to disobey her mother, she’s forced to keep a pretty big secret, (and guilt that will plague her evermore.) Here’s what you might’ve missed on the latest episode of the Disney+ series, Diary of a Future President, entitled “The National Mall.”

This article contains major spoilers from the fourth episode of Diary of a Future President. Read at your own risk!

Tess Romero and Charlie Bushnell arrive at the Disney +'s "Diary Of A Future President"
Tess Romero and Charlie Bushnell arrive at the Disney +’s “Diary Of A Future President” | Morgan Lieberman/Getty Images

Sam and Gabi aren’t exactly broken up

This part of the story picks up as Gabi is making plans for Elena and Sasha to go to the mall by themselves. They’re allowed to hang out in the food court and stop at the accessories store, Kimmy’s. Although Elena wants to stop at more stores, her mom decides they’re still too young. 

Although during the last episode Sam was a little apprehensive about his relationship with Elena and Bobby, the two decided not to break up. He just needed a step back to, you know, figure stuff out. Bobby feels the same way, as he keeps trying to have a moment alone with Monyca (with a y,) but they never have any privacy.

While Elena and Sasha are hanging out at the food court, Melissa and Jessica walk up to them. They’ve actually just come from the store Intimates & More and yes, bought bras there. Once they walk away, Sasha and Elena decide it’s time to break a few rules and go to Intimates & More. 

In all the excitement, Elena tries on a bra over her clothes and forgets to put it back. She stole a Zebra bra! Sasha and Elena decide not to tell anyone. It was an accident, after all. 

Elena is learning about Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart”

Back in class, Elena is feeling pretty guilty about her braccident when her teacher tells her they’re learning about “The Tell-Tale Heart.” Walking out of class, Elena feels just like the narrator — like she’s going mad with guilt. 

At lunch, Bobby tells his friends that he hasn’t had a chance to make out with Monyca. One of them suggests they host a “Kickback,” where they can play “2-Minute Tongue Tank.” Then, at work, Sam asks one of his coworkers about his kids and it reassures him about being a “father figure” to Elena and Bobby. 

Gabi is a little distracted trying to get on a court case that is very close to home for her. To find something she and the other lawyer have in common, she goes scouring social media and deep-likes a picture. 

That night, Elena and Bobby are brushing and she hears the thumping of the bra under her bed. Actually, it’s just Bobby bouncing a tennis ball. That night, she’s plagued by her guilt and nightmares. She can’t even focus the next day because she can’t sleep. She ends up calling her mom and telling her what happened. 

Elena tells her mom about the stolen bra

Bobby is finally hanging out at his “Kickback” party and spends 2 minutes alone with Monyca. It isn’t exactly clear what happens in that closet, but Bobby doesn’t look happy. On the other hand, Gabi is extremely happy because the partner chose her to work on that court case. The only issue is that she has to work late, even though she promised Elena she would take her to the mall. 

Sam overhears and offers to take Elena. Together, the go back to Intimates & More and Sam does a pretty good job of being supportive. Back at the Cañero-Reed house, Sam and Elena are eating some cookies and then Elena gets up to go to the bathroom. 

Sam calls Gabi and says he’s ready now. To date her and to be there for Elena and for Bobby. Just then, Elena steps out of the bathroom and asks Sam if she can talk to her mom. Turns out, Melissa isn’t the only one with her period. 

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