‘Diary of a Future President’ Episode 6 Recap — Habeas Corpus

Elena did the crime and now she’s doing the time. Although she meant well with her spirit week protest, it landed her a week in detention. When she discovers that the “6 o’clockers” (aka the kids who are always in detention,) are actually really nice, she has a new mission and new minds to change at Orange Bay Middle. Here’s what you might’ve missed during the “Habeas Corpus” episode of Diary of a Future President.

This article contains major spoilers from the sixth episode of Diary of a Future President. Read at your own risk!

Elena has detention for her orange juice incident

It’s Elena’s first time ever in detention and she’s stuck with the “6 o’clockers,” a nickname given to the kids who are always in detention. There’s one girl who Elena heard is actually a witch. Another kid is known for stealing stuff. A third is rumored to be the getaway driver for her parents.

Only, as Elena gets to know them, she finds out that they’re not crazy after all. In fact, they’re actually kind of nice. Plus, this won’t even go on her permanent record. A week of detention doesn’t seem so bad after all.

Back with Gabi, she’s been taken off the case because it’s expanded to a much larger firm. Just as Sam is comforting her, the new head of HR asks them to read over a handbook regarding office relationships. Gabi is tempted to just sign it and move on, but Sam suggests they read through it together. Gabi agrees.

Jazzy Jade, Ilana Pena, Tess Romero, Charlie Bushnell, Carmina Garay, Selenis Leyva, Harmeet K. Pandey, Gina Rodriguez and Michael Weaver arrive at the Disney +'s "Diary Of A Future President"
Jazzy Jade, Ilana Pena, Tess Romero, Charlie Bushnell, Carmina Garay, Selenis Leyva, Harmeet K. Pandey, Gina Rodriguez and Michael Weaver arrive at the Disney +’s “Diary Of A Future President” | Morgan Lieberman/Getty Images

Elena is having a hard time with her 6’oclockers friendship

When Elena heads to lunch the next day, she sits alongside the 6 o’clockers, even enjoying some banana bread from one of them. When she asks Sasha to join them, she’s a little afraid to be labeled with the detention kids. Elena reassures her that they’re actually really cool. Regardless, Sasha walks away and the next day at lunch, Elena decides not to sit with the 6 o’clockers.

Meanwhile, Bobby is pretty chill about most things. But he’s a little thrown off when Monyca asks him about his father. She wants to spend some time with Bobby, when they can talk about their families together. Remembering he was invited to a movie night with his friends, Bobby makes up an excuse to get out of it.

While Sam and Gabi are reading over the handbook, Sam shares the moment that he fell for Gabi. It was a year ago when Gabi was giving a presentation and everyone was so intrigued by everything she was saying. When it was Sam’s turn to present, Gabi looked at him, smiled, and made him feel comfortable. That’s how he knew.

Bobby watches a movie with his friends

When Elena heads back to her fourth day of detention, the 6 o’clockers confront her about ignoring them at lunch. Elena tries to explain but it honestly just sounds like she doesn’t want to be associated with the detention kids. After she is excused for detention for good behavior, Elena decides something needs to change about these kids and their reputation.

Turns out, the movie Bobby was watching with his friends was really about a boy and his dad who passes away. The dad becomes a mailbox for whatever reason and while the rest of the boys are laughing, Bobby feels a little upset about his own father.

The next day, Bobby’s friend asks him why he left so quickly after the movie ended. Bobby shares that even though his teammates are really close friends, Bobby’s father never really came up. And it’s chill, Bobby says. Still, Liam reassures him that if he ever needs to talk, he’s there.

When it’s time for the morning announcements, Elena decides to show up late with an announcement about the 6 o’clockers. She tells the school that she’s not ashamed to be their friend because they’re awesome. All throughout the school, kids are reaching out to the detention kids and, finally, treating them fairly.

After pages and pages of reading together, Sam and Gabi finally sign the relationship handbook. Sam confesses that he thought it was dumb to begin with, but he wanted to take Gabi’s mind off of her case. Gabi says she has a memory to share: the moment when she discovered she loves Sam. Right now. Sam tells Gabi he loves her, too. (We’re sobbing.)

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