When Does ‘Diary of a Future President’ Season 2 Premiere? Here’s What We Know About This Disney+ Original

Elena Cañero-Reed may be in middle school, but this student tackles everything from relationships to schools to hobbies with the support of her family. Recently, fans learned that this brainiac returns to Disney’s streaming platform to share more of her story with her diary. 

What’s next for the cast of Diary of a Future President? When does the show’s second season premiere? Here’s what we know about this Disney+ original series.

‘Diary of a Future President’ is an uplifting Disney+ original

Middle school is a pretty challenging time. Take it from Elena Cañero-Reed, a bright, Cuban-American student trying to navigate the world and find her raisin, (aka her “reason for being,”) following the death of her father.

Now, this family is back for another season of their comedy series, exclusively on Disney’s streaming platform. Thanks to Disney+, Diary of a Future President has officially been renewed for its second season.

Tess Romero, Charlie Bushnell, and Selenis Leyva arrive at the Disney+'s 'Diary Of A Future President'
Tess Romero, Charlie Bushnell, and Selenis Leyva arrive at the Disney+’s ‘Diary Of A Future President’ Morgan Lieberman/Getty Images

Disney+ announced that ‘Diary of a Future President’ would return for its second season

Leaving off on a bit of a cliffhanger, Disney+ had some exciting news for fans of Elena and her family. Thankfully, the Cañero-Reeds return for a second season of this series, exclusive to Disney’s streaming platform.

“Optimistic, heartfelt stories that inspire are fundamental to our content and creator Ilana Peña’s series delivers on these attributes in spades,” says Agnes Chu, senior vice president, Content, Disney+ according to Deadline

“Families around the world have fallen in love with Elena and the Cañero-Reed family and we are thrilled to bring Elena’s often hilarious and always meaningful journey through adolescence back for another season,” she continued. “It has been wonderful to partner with the extraordinary Gina Rodriguez to champion specific, diverse points-of-view and we look forward to seeing even more of President Cañero-Reed in this next chapter.”

“We’re thrilled to partner with Disney+ on a series that showcases strong women both in front of, and behind the camera.  They’ve been incredible champions of the show from day one,” added David Stapf, president, CBS Television Studios. “Gina’s ability to shepherd projects with new and diverse voices, combined with Ilana’s effortless blend of comedy and drama with humor and sensitivity bring this wonderful coming-of-age story to life.”

When does the second season of ‘Diary of a Future President’ return to this streaming platform?

Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and stay-at-home orders, production on a number of Disney projects has since been paused. In terms of Diary of a Future President, it would presumably be a few more months until they start filming again, although some suspect season 2 could premiere about a year since the first season — so, early 2021.

In the meantime, fans can watch the first season of this Disney+ original series, along with television shows like High School Musical: The Musical: The Series and The Mandalorian exclusively on this streaming platform. To learn more about Disney+ and to subscribe, visit their website.

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