Did Alex Rodriguez Take His Parenting Style Too Far?

Alex Rodriguez is known for being a devoted father to his kids. He often posts about them on his social media pages, and after he started dating Jennifer Lopez, he is now a part of a beautiful blended family.

However, the former MLB player recently shared a parenting technique that has stirred up a bit of criticism on the internet. Find out what Rodriguez does that some people do not agree with.

How many children does Alex Rodriguez have?

Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez | John Lamparski/Getty Images

Alex Rodriguez married Cynthia Scurtis in 2002 and the couple has two children together: Natasha (b. 2004) and Ella (b. 2008). However, Rodriguez and Scurtis filed for divorce soon after their second daughter was born.

Rodriguez began dating Jennifer Lopez in early 2017, which means that he is now a father figure to Lopez’s twin children from her previous marriage: Emme and Maximilian (b. 2008).

The four children have become very close in the past couple of years. Jennifer Lopez shared that “they embraced each other right away.” She also said: “We couldn’t have asked for anything better than the four of them getting along as they do.”

What did Rodriguez do to his children that could be too much?

There is no doubt that Rodriguez loves his kids, and like any parents, he also wants them to stay safe on the internet. In order to keep them safe, Rodriguez recently shared that he checks up on his daughters often on social media. The only problem is that they do not want him to.

“[They] don’t let me follow them on social media,” Rodriguez said on the Chicks in the Office podcast. “So oh yeah, I have a burner account.”

Did Rodriguez take his parenting too far?

During his talk with Chicks in the Office, Rodriguez also revealed that his daughters are at the age where they are distancing themselves from their parents. He shared that they do not even want to be seen with him when he drops them off at school. It’s clear that the girls want their own space to grow up in and explore the world, so did Alex Rodriguez invade their privacy by secretly monitoring their online activities?

According to several psychology experts, it’s important for parents to learn how to give their kids privacy during adolescence. “The ability to experience privacy is probably a basic human need that transcends culture,” said Skyler Hawk, a child-development psychologist at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, before adding that kids need time and space away from their parents to figure out who they are.

“When parents snoop, they show mistrust,” said Sandra Petronia of Indiana University. “That overarching need for control really damages the relationship.”

However, many fans actually agree with Alex Rodriguez’s decision to make a burner account, with some calling him “smart.”

“Actually with some of the pictures and things I have seen… maybe more parents might want to do that,” a user wrote on Twitter.

Another person also said: “They don’t let him follow them? Who bought and pays for their phones? My daughter would lose everything if she told me what I could and couldn’t do. Go be the parent.”

Alex Rodriguez actually lets his daughters monitor his account

Even though Rodriguez’s daughters do not let their father see what they are doing online, the baseball star has the opposite approach when it comes to his own account: he lets his daughters have the final say in which pictures he can post.

Speaking to Chicks in the Office podcast, Rodriguez shared that his daughters manage his social media posts really closely: “Every time I post something [about them], usually 5 out of 10 [times], both of them will DM me and say ‘Dad are you serious?’ ‘Dad, you know I’m going into high school next year.’ ‘Dad, this is how bullying starts’ and I’m like, ‘OK, I’ll erase it.'”

He also added: “I have contracts with both of them that if I post something now… they have to approve everything.”