Did Ariana Grande Pay Tribute To Mac Miller With Her Grammys Dress?

Ariana Grande and Mac Miller
Mac Miller and Ariana Grande perform on stage | Photo by Getty Images/Dave Hogan for One Love Manchester

Even though Ariana Grande did not attend the 2019 Grammy Awards, that did not stop her from dressing up.

The singer took to Instagram during the live event to showcase the gown she would’ve worn if she did not get into the disagreement with producers.

While showing off her dress, fans couldn’t help but be convinced that the ball gown was a tribute to the late Mac Miller.

Ariana Grande looked just like Cinderella

On February 10, Ariana Grande chose to sit out of attending the 2019 Grammy Awards. The singer opted to watch the event from the comfort of her home instead.

While enjoying her time at home, Ariana Grande decided not to let her custom made Grammys dress go to waste.

The singer took to Instagram to share few snapshots of herself dressed in the her custom Zac Posen ball gown.

The satiny baby blue gown fit Ariana Grande like a glove and the singer finished off her look with a dazzling diamond necklace.

Many fans believed the “7 Rings” singer looked just like Cinderella.

Some even began to believe this gown was a way for Grande to pay tribute to her ex-boyfriend.


Mac Miller had a song called “Cinderella”

Fans are certain that Ariana Grande’s dress was a way to pay tribute to her ex, Mac Miller.

A few months before Miller tragically passed away from a drug overdose in September, the rapper had released his album Swimming, which features the song “Cinderella”.

“Cinderella” is an extremely explicit song that talks about intimate moments Miller has experienced in the bedroom.

In the song, Mac Miller talks about how much her likes this woman and how he never wants their relationship to end.

 “Ooh Cinderella don’t you run out of time/ It feels like you’ve been taking all day/ Wherever you came from, wherever you going/ I promise I’m not far behind,” Miller raps in the song.

After Ariana Grande and Mac Miller broke up in May 2018, the “Thank U, Next” singer revealed that the song was, in fact, about her.

The dress wasn’t the only Mac Miller reference from the night

To finish off her night, Ariana Grande shared a video to Instagram that many believe was another reference to Mac Miller.

In the video, Grande is cuddled up in bed with her dog Myron as she is getting ready to fall asleep.

The singer captioned the video, “it’s me your tiny, highly emotional, italian, and now grammy award winning friend. i’m super tarnished lol. but super grateful. thank u for everything. myron is in my arms n he says hi as well.”

Many are certain the video is referencing Miller’s song “Cinderella”. In it, the rapper says, “You in my dreams that’s why I sleep all the time.”

Other fans believe that Ariana Grande was referencing her song “Ghostin,” that has said to be about Miller.

In the song, Ariana Grande talks about dreaming of someone who is constantly on her mind but is no longer in her life.

In “Ghostin,” Ariana Grande sings, “He just comes to visit me when I’m dreaming.” Since that is what Grande looked to be doing in her most recent Instagram video, we’re pretty sure that was a subtle reference to Mac Miller.

Even though Mac Miller was honored during the 2019 Grammy Awards, Ariana Grande made sure that she spent the night remembering the man who saw her as his Cinderella.