Did Artie Lange Cancel Shows and Seek Treatment?

Artie Lange Twitter

Friends and fans have been extremely worried about comedian Artie Lange. Lange has battled drug addiction for years and recently his addiction nearly landed him in prison.

When Lange appeared in court a few months ago, a judge read a letter to Lange from his doctor. “You know, you’re getting too old for this,” Judge Nancy Sivilli said, according to NJ.com. Years of drug abuse and a relapse could be Lange’s last and the comedian risked dying.

Lange agreed during his hearing and tweeted for a few weeks about working hard to stay sober. But something changed and clearly his friends and fans, once again, began to worry.

Lange went from sober talk to no talk

At first, Lange was tweeting statements about recovery. “Pray for me. So no lies. I have 10 days clean. I am not stupid.” He continued with a string of tweets that pointed to Lange wanting to remain sober. The comedian was also being threatened with prison if he didn’t get clean too.

However, the sober tweets waned and Lange focused mainly on tour dates. Fans grew suspicious. “Something’s amiss w Artie…who’s gonna chk on him?” one person tweeted. Another person made this prediction about Lange’s future too. “Is there a good drug & alcohol rehabilitation establishment in or around Boston? If so, he’ll likely be coming soon.”

This comedian begged Lange to get help

Comedian Richard Lewis sounded the alarm in early January, begging Lange to seek treatment. “Artie, this is my 1000th request over decades to beg you to surrender to your addictions. When you had time clean we had the most laughs sober. I love you. You’re beloved and a magnificent comedian cursed with self-loathing and fear. Give it up and live.”

Lewis prompted other comedians to support Lange. “I’m echoing @TheRichardLewis. Artie, it CAN be done. Richard’s living proof,” Maurice Lamarche, from Pinky & the Brain wrote. Comedian Mark Schiff wrote, “November 18th, 1984 I put it down. So can you.” Lewis battled his own addiction demons and could tell Lange was struggling.

Is Lange seeking treatment?

Although Lange seemed to work steadily, he recently got into an altercation. “I was not kidnapped,” he tweeted. “I had an altercation w someone that lasted a couple hours tops. It has been solved and forgotten. Everyone involved is fine. I got punched. Happens sometimes.” In the thread, he added, “Honestly everything I thought was fun was fun at the time. But I lived my life to extreme levels. No moderation at all. To younger ppl I must say that doesn’t work. Not in the long run. Live a good clean life. Behave!”

The next day someone tweeted on Lange’s behalf. “Excuse any show advertisements.. starting today, Artie will be undergoing a long term treatment program, he loves and respects his fans… updates coming soon.. and it’s time – TeamLange.” Unfortunately, Lange did not voluntarily seek treatment, according to Page Six. Instead, he sits in Essex County jail for being “busted for drugs that day.” Lange’s rep has yet to comment.

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