Did Bella Thorne Do the Right Thing and Should She Have Known Better?

Bella Thorne has a lot of people talking after she released pictures of herself that she said had been hacked by an anonymous source. The decision to release the photos before they get leaked has generated a few controversial discussions. Should she have released the photos? Should she have done everything she could to make it go away? And should she have even taken the pictures at all? Take a look at what happened leading up Thorne’s surprising move.

Why did Bella Thorne release nude photos?

Bella Thorne
Bella Thorne | Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Posting nude photos on Twitter over Father’s Day weekend was not something Thorne planned on. It was not a publicity stunt for her new book and it was not a rebellious act by a young celebrity who should have known better.

On June 15, the 21-year-old actress posted compromising photos of herself on Twitter along with a note and screenshots supporting her actions. According to Thorne, a hacker had stolen several videos and photos from her phone and was using them to blackmail her. She said that this same person also shared compromising photos of other celebrities.

Thorne admitted that this hacker was causing her a lot of stress. She wrote: “I feel gross, I feel watched, I feel someone has taken something from me that I only wanted one special person to see.” She went on to say that she was taking the control back by releasing the photos, writing, “it’s MY DECISION NOW U DON’T GET TO TAKE YET ANOTHER THING FROM ME.”

Bella Thorne’s decision has caused a few debates

After the actress made the decision to release her photos, many people had something to say about it. Most notably, actress and talk show host, Whoopi Goldberg. During a table discussion on The View, Goldberg said that Thorne should have never taken the photos in the first place. Specifically, the 63-year-old said: “If you’re famous, I don’t care how old you are. You don’t take nude pictures of yourself.”

Goldberg’s comments led many fans to call out the talk show host for victim shaming. Some fans noted that Goldberg’s remarks were similar to saying that if someone gets raped while wearing a short skirt they should have known better. Others said that taking nude photos for your boyfriend is a perfectly normal thing and Thorne shouldn’t be stopped from doing so.

Thorne herself responded to Goldberg’s words, saying in part: “Dear whoopi, I have loved u for so long but honestly I’m so displeased and saddened by your response to my leek [sic]. Blaming girls for taking the photo in the first place? Is sick and honestly disgusting.”

Did Bella Thorne do the right thing by releasing her own photos?

If you ask Sharon Osborne, she certainly thinks so. While discussing the topic on The Talk, the 66-year-old said that you never want to be blackmailed and you should never let that happen. The talk show host called Thorne brave and says that she bows down to her.

Going back to Goldberg’s argument, you can’t say that someone can never take those types of photos if they are famous. It’s like saying that they can’t go out of the house because they should just expect to be stalked because they are a celebrity.

Yes, there is a safeguard you have to take when you are a celebrity knowing that you could be a potential target for hackers. But the answer is not to say that you can’t take photos for your significant other. It only takes a few simple clicks to keep your photos from going onto the cloud. Not making sure her photos didn’t go to the cloud is where Thorne made a mistake. Her mistake was not the action of taking the pictures.

When it comes to releasing them, both Osborne and Thorne made good points. You don’t want the photos hanging out there, wondering when they will be released. Thorne admitted that knowing they were out there was causing her stress and taking control of the situation gave her some relief. While it sickening that the actress was placed in this situation, it was not an option to give in to the blackmailer. If Thorne was able to sleep better knowing that the blackmailer could no longer hold the photos over her, then she made the right choice for her.