Did ‘Below Deck’ Guests Really Say This About Chicken? And How Chef Adrian Gets His Revenge

Chef Adrian Martin | Adrian Martin Instagram

Ina Garten probably shuddered in chef-land after hearing what charter guests on Below Deck said about Chef Adrian Martin‘s meal. As the crew tried to recover from a near death experience, the show had to go on. Which meant Martin had to impress the group with his famous cuisine.

And while lunch went over with a bang the dish he served for dinner went down like a lead balloon. However, it wasn’t the actual food flavor or preparation that the guests whined about. Instead, it was what exactly was served. Their comments are likely going to go down in “crazy things charter guests say” history on Below Deck. 

This is what Martin served

Martin gets excited about his food and almost goes into a trance-like artistic state when he is creating. Almost always, the end result is nothing less than spectacular. This instance he certainly delivered too. Martin prepared some amazing vegetables, including gorgeous spinach polenta and asparagus. The main was chicken. “The guests got off to a rough start this morning witnessing what happened to Ashton,” Martin said in a side interview. “So for dinner tonight, I have this beautiful chicken breast. Chicken is comfort food, man.”

In fact chief stew, Kate Chastain exclaims, “The chicken looks so good,” before she is about to serve the beautifully appointed plate to the guests. After presenting the meal to the guests, Martin says in a side interview that he likes to do a fresh take on everyday fare.

The guests react

The first words out of one guest’s mouth after taking their first bite was, “So good.” But then another guest inquires who ordered chicken. The guests agree the food is good though. “It is good but none of us ordered it,” one guest insisted.

Then one guest giggles and says, “Chicken is what poor people eat.” Oh. No. She. Didn’t. Another guest agrees, “You’re not wrong.” When second stew Josiah Carter checks on the guests they tell him no one put chicken on their preference sheet. “Would you like him to make something else?” Carter asks. To which the guest suggests seafood.

Chastain says the chicken does look amazing. “And while I would have put some shrimp with it, I also wouldn’t act like an a**hole about it.” Martin, Chastain and Carter scour the preference sheets to see where it says, “no chicken.” But it isn’t on there. Martin reminds viewers in a side interview that the fanciest restaurants offer chicken. “If you don’t put that you don’t want chicken on your preference sheet, I’m gonna cook it for you,” he says. A guest ends up saying, “I’m offended poultry was served,” as she digs into a new meal of scallops Martin makes.

Martin has a great sense of humor

Instead of adding onions to their food (Chef Adam Glick) Martin throws as much fancy food their way possible. But he gets the last laugh with a delicious birthday cake that may have inadvertently resembled a giant nipple.

The delectable carrot cake is served after an amazing seafood lunch, which (of course) the guests devoured. “Do you think it looks like a nipple?” Martin asks new third stew, Laura Betancourt. She says kinda and asks if he meant for it to look that way. “No I was inspired by you,” he responds to Betancourt.

Needless to say, the guests weren’t the wiser about their birthday nipple cake and raved as much about the cake as they did their lunch.

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