Did Brittany Cartwright From ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Get Assaulted on a Flight?

Brittany Cartright and Jax Taylor | Jax Taylor Instagram

The friendly skies can be considerably less friendly, especially during crowded times like the holidays. And while passengers can get a little cranky, what happened to Brittany Cartwright from Vanderpump Rules is downright shocking.

The incident occurred during a Delta flight from Atlanta to Miami. Cartright was subjected to not only bizarre behavior from another passenger during the flight but was assaulted after the passengers deplaned. She shared exactly what happened to her on Twitter.

“I’m so disgusted by what happened to me today while flying from Atlanta to Miami,” she wrote. “@Delta I hope you see this and take the necessary measures, defending what is right, as I know I will.”She even posted an image of the aftermath from the physical encounter.  So what happened? Cartright explained in a detailed note she shared.

It started with a simple trip to the bathroom

While in flight, Cartright visited the restroom. While in the restroom, which was located next to the flight attendant station, another passenger grabbed the restroom door handle and began violently shaking it. Cartwright recalled the woman shook the door three or four times.

Finally, Cartright emerged from the tiny airplane bathroom to point out that she was in an “occupied” restroom. She says that she pointed out the difference between the occupied versus vacant bathroom signs.

The woman returned to her seat, which was located only a few rows in front of Cartwright. Cartright says she could hear the woman and her male companion talking about her, pointing and making fun of her.

Then things get ugly

Once the plane lands the woman leaves the aircraft in front of Cartwright and Taylor. The couple likely thinks at this point the passenger was just rude and were ready to go home. Unfortunately, the woman is waiting for Cartright and actually pushes and pulls her hair.

Of course, Cartright is stunned. She and Taylor pursue the woman to confront her about the physical encounter. They say, “how dare you touch me, I did nothing but show you a sign,” Cartright wrote in her notes.

Wait, what?

Cartwright wrote that once she and Taylor arrived at their destination in Miami, she discovered that the woman had shoved chewed gum in Cartright’s hair. The only way for Cartwright to remove the gum was to cut it out of her hair.

Thankfully Cartright has the woman’s flight information and seat number. But she is asking Delta airlines to investigate the matter. “I did absolutely nothing to deserve this,” she wrote. “And I feel like a mean girl like this needs to be put in her place before she reacts like this to someone else.” She added she will be pressing charges.

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