Did Captain Marvel And Peter Quill Date? Find Out Why MCU Fans Think So

Crossovers have become fun plot devices in franchises to bring more intrigue and create intense social media conversations. Some cases are considered a part of the “expanded universe” theory where characters might have crossed paths at one time in the same reality, yet aren’t seen together in canonical movies.

In the MCU, there’s numerous possibilities there considering how many Marvel superheroes exist here on earth and throughout the universe. Many Marvel fans have wondered how some of the characters from Guardians of the Galaxy might fit into knowing a few of the famous Avengers.

One of the most intriguing theories is the idea Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) once dated Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel. With both likely returning in MCU Phase Four, we need to examine if they’d meet again.

Brie Larson
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The connection between the two is a compelling idea, but still has questions

It seems many of these expanded universe/crossover theories come from Reddit half the time. Perhaps they’ve become the QAnon of the comic book/pop culture world, but at least most of the theories are well thought out.

Forwarding the idea that Peter Quill once crossed paths with and romanced Carol Danvers isn’t completely out of the question. According to the theory, Quill once referenced a “Kree Girl” in the first Guardians movie he said he romanced, despite “almost ripping his thorax out.”


At first glance, a quote like this might not resonate any equation to Danvers/Captain Marvel. What creates the intrigue is the association of troll dolls both Quill and Danvers have used in separate films. This connection alone seems to suggest maybe Danvers and Quill knew one another at some point along the timeline.

On top of it, there’s an 18-year period implied between the settings of each movie franchise where they could have met. As with many of these theories, though, a few implausible holes exist.

Carol Danvers was only partially Kree, though


What exactly did Peter Quill mean by a Kree girl? We know Danvers has some Kree blood, yet mostly human. She also shunned her race after they wiped her memory.

Quill describing her in the past tense might explain away why he called her a Kree. If there’s any truth to this, then perhaps Marvel has been setting up some subtle visual clues with those troll dolls. Remember, those dolls are seen in the Mar-Vell space lab, with both dolls seen in Captain Marvel and Guardians looking fairly similar.

Beyond some compelling connections, not a lot of fans are subscribing to this theory. They think there isn’t much logic to it since Danvers was thought to be too busy traveling the universe to be having flings with anybody.

Then again, other fans think Quill (Star-Lord) would have been a tempting romance for her considering he did have a good pedigree for saving the universe. Outside of being a rogue, maybe she found this attractive.

Would this ruin the theory of Danvers being a lesbian?

We’ve recently forwarded the idea put forth by others that maybe Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel is really gay and not a straight female superhero who’s had a few romances throughout the galaxy.

With some of the MCU producers recently hinting Danvers is a lesbian and in a secret relationship with Maria Rambeau, the Peter Quill romance idea could be legally dead.

Others might be quick to the defense to keep the theory alive. They may say maybe Carol had bad relationships with men years ago and decided to pursue same-sex relationships as a saving grace.

Tying all the loose strings together, you have to wonder if Danvers almost ripping Quill’s thorax out is why she decided to give up men after all. Sure, even that’s going out on a limb. MCU might still answer both questions at some point in Phase Four when the franchises have their respective sequels.