Did Captain Sandy from ‘Below Deck Med’ and Leah Shafer Get Locked Out Again?

Captain Sandy Yawn from Below Deck Mediterranean and girlfriend Leah Shafer may need to look into a new system to keep track of their keys.

The couple once again, found themselves locked out, but this time they couldn’t get back into Shafer’s apartment. Yawn and Shafer have shared on more than one occasion their “lock-out stories” on Instagram.

Leah Shafer and Captain Sandy Yawn
Leah Shafer and Captain Sandy Yawn | Photo courtesy of Leah Shafer

When they traveled to New York City, the couple lost or forgot their hotel room key twice. Yawn shared a few hilarious videos of the two sitting in the hotel hallway commenting about getting locked out.

Locked out but still have egg white bites

During the first lock-out in New York City, Yawn sits outside the door while asking Shafer about the key. Shafer is way too busy eating her delicious egg white bites to care. When Yawn asks Shafer what happened, Shafer replies, “You forgot the key.”

Apparently, they manage to get back into their room, only to get locked out again later during their visit. Shafer posted a video to Instagram. “With my love @captainsandrayawn,” she wrote. “Once again, our room key was lost!!! Somewhere in my bag! Sooo, after removing all contents, that I must have, low and behold the key was found!! Hahaha what is it about us and room keys hah.” 

The couple hopes maybe the key is inside Shafer’s voluminous handbag. This time, Yawn comments on her Instagram. “The black hole! I can’t! So freaking funny! 😂 #Repost @leahshaferofficial Now you know who left the key!”

This time it is all about the Modern Oats

Shafer received a massive shipment from the company Modern Oats. She is struggling with four large boxes as she lumbers up the hallway. “What is that Leah,” Yawn asks on her Instagram story. Shafer seems nothing short of delighted to find out what is inside the boxes, but unfortunately, she has to wait.

“Seriously open the door,” Shafer says to Yawn, while still holding the boxes. “Oh my gosh, I love that,” Yawn says. But then laughs and says she just locked them out. Shafer busts out laughing. “You locked us out? Hey, at least we have Modern Oats!”

Thankfully, again, the ladies are able to get back into the dwelling just in time to test drive some of the products. Yawn films Shafer drinking a large glass of charcoal. “What does it taste like,” Yawn asks as Shafer dons a “charcoal mustache.” At this point, the ladies are hysterically laughing. Shafer even has some awesome charcoal covered teeth too. But they both insist the drink is really good and Yawn gives it a taste. “Wow, this is so good,” Yawn exclaims.

They zealously dive into the Modern Oats boxes like children on Christmas, pulling out their favorite snacks and breakfasts. Shafer is especially excited about her Modern Oats shipment because the products are gluten-free. Yawn posted a video and showed the camera her favorite too. “And the story goes on…. ” A follower asks for the verdict on the products. “it’s was surprisingly good,” Yawn replied. Shafer agreed. Looks like Modern Oats is on the menu now.