Did Carrie Underwood Have To Get Plastic Surgery After Her Accident?

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood | Ethan Miller/Getty Images

It’s been quite a journey for Carrie Underwood since she suffered a nasty fall in November 2017 in which she broke her wrist and was required her to get around 50 stitches in her face. The singer has shared with fans the details about what happened to her, but many people still have a lot of questions because she doesn’t look any different from before she fell.

Back when Underwood first revealed the full extent of her injury in a year-end post on her website she wrote, “It’s crazy how a freak random accident can change your life. In addition to breaking my wrist, I somehow managed to injure my face as well.”

She then went on to let her fans know that her facial injury was so bad that she might not look the same the next time she’s in public. “I am determined to make 2018 amazing and I want to share things with you along the way. And when I am ready to get in front of a camera, I want you all to understand why I might look a bit different.”

But fast forward to the Academy of Country Music Awards on April 15, 2018, when Underwood appeared onstage for the first time since her fall and fans were stunned. There was no evidence of any scarring on her face at all and she looked exactly the same. This prompted people to question if she ever really fell in the first place and had many speculating about if she had plastic surgery.

There were two different plastic surgery accusations. One was that Underwood made up the whole story about the accident to cover up that she was actually getting a surgical procedure done. That rumor was started by talk show host Wendy Williams.

“[Carrie] released on Twitter that we may not recognize her when it’s all said and done,” Williams said during her Hot Topics segment, adding, “I don’t know what that means … an excuse for a facelift.”

There were also reports that the reason the country star’s scar wasn’t too visible is because she had some cosmetic work done to make it less noticeable.

During an interview with Redbook, Underwood was asked about those rumors and if there was any truth to them. “I’m on some magazine every other week for something crazy,” she replied. “It’s a little sad because the truth is just as interesting. I wish I’d gotten some awesome plastic surgery to make this [scar] look better.”

But is the former American Idol winner starting to come around and agree with her fans that she doesn’t look any different?

“Any time someone gets injured, it looks pretty bad in the beginning, and you’re like, ‘What is this going to wind up like?’ You just don’t know,” she said. “It was also a perception thing because I look at myself [now] and I see it quite a bit, but other people are like, ‘I wouldn’t have even noticed.’ Nobody else looks at you as much as you think they do. Nobody notices as much as you think they will, so that’s been nice to learn.”

Underwood is now urging other women who are dealing with something that is hurting their confidence to not be so hard on themselves saying, “Honestly, you just do the best you can. Don’t worry about things you can’t change.