Did Cassie Randolph Shame Her Ex-Boyfriend to Colton Underwood on ‘The Bachelor’?

Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor may be finished, but we’re all left with lingering feelings regarding everything that went down. Not only was there no final rose ceremony and little closure for runner-ups Tayshia and Hannah G., but we finally got to see why Colton infamously jumped the fence. It turns out it was all in the name of love for Cassie Randolph. While she dumped him on camera, they’re now back together and seemingly more in love than ever before.

Eagle-eyed fans couldn’t help but notice thatCassie was on another reality series, too. Young Once chronicled her relationship with ex-boyfriend Caelan Tiongson while they both attended Biola University — and it appears she may have exposed his unhealthy behaviors to Colton on The Bachelor. Here’s what she said.

Cassie mentioned she’s on good terms with ex-boyfriend Caelan Tiongson on Instagram

Fans of The Bachelor just about lost their minds when they saw Cassie simultaneously appearing on Young Once while vying for Colton’s heart. Rest assured, Young Once was filmed way before Cassie went on The Bachelor, though the former show did chronicle her long-term romance with on-again, off-again boyfriend Caelan Tiongson. Caelan and Cassie were together all through their college years at Biola, but Cassie noted on Instagram that she ended the relationship.

On her post, she wrote, “I was open to staying friends, but he understandably thought this was too hard. Just because we didn’t work out doesn’t mean we now hate each other and don’t care about the other. It just wasn’t right for us.” She also added that “certain things were unhealthy and it became clear we were supposed to move on,” though she still cares “very much about Caelan” and wants “nothing but the best for him.”

She told Colton on The Bachelor that her ex was controlling

Everything seems fine and well according to Cassie’s Instagram post, but what she told Colton on The Bachelor speaks of a different story. Cassie was notoriously wishy-washy with Colton’s feelings on the show. And while she eventually accepted dating him at the end, she opened up to him about past relationships being unhealthy and controlling.

TV Shows Ace reminds us on one of their final dates, Cassie told Colton, “I dated someone in college, and he had planned out when he was going to propose to me. And it got pretty controlling.” She then added that since her experience in relationships was “controlling and stifling,” it’s left her hesitant to move forward into another committed partnership. And while she never outright said Caelan’s name on television, it became clear to viewers whom she was talking about. Those who’ve seen Young Once have also noted Caelan’s control issues, as he seemed to take issue with some of Cassie’s decisions revolving around drinking alcohol and her choice of dress.

One of Caelan’s friends may not have been happy with what Cassie said

Whatever happened between Caelan and Cassie in the past, it seems both parties are willing to leave it there and happily move on. Unfortunately, TV Shows Ace notes one of Caelan’s male friends may have taken offense to what Cassie told Colton on The Bachelor about her being in a controlling relationship. On an Instagram story, the friend seemingly said in response to Cassie, “How someone would ruin the reputation of another in order to preserve their own is heartbreaking to me. Especially sacrificing the name of a good man & friend for your own image.”

Fans were left to come to their own conclusions here, as Caelan’s buddy never outright said Cassie’s name here, either. Even so, they seemed to take Cassie’s side more so than Caelan’s, especially given the evidence of Caelan’s controlling behavior as exhibited on Young Once.

No matter what occurred in the past, it seems Caelan doesn’t have any hard feelings toward Cassie or what she may have insinuated on The Bachelor, either. He posted to Instagram that he’s proud of what she’s doing and he’s totally moved on, too.

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