Did Chandler Brooks from ‘Below Deck’ Really Call Kate Chastain This After She Did His Job?

BELOW DECK — Pictured: Kate Chastain — (Photo by: Greg Endries/Bravo)

Oh no he didn’t! Needless to say, the latest Below Deck episode was not bosun Chandler Brooks’ finest hour. But to add insult to injury (literally), the bosun made a few errors that he may never recover.

Brooks started the episode under the gun from Captain Lee Rosbach. The string of mistakes and communication lapses was Rosbach’s last straw. And after a stern meeting with the captain, the cracks begin to show. Brooks’ anxiety of being in trouble translates to the rest of the crew.

He lashes out at deckhand Rylee Gerber, who wasn’t about to take his attitude. He also booked it off the remote island where the guests were treated to a pig roast. At the same time, he leaves chief stewardess Kate Chastain and second stew Josiah Carter to clean up the mess. But that’s not all.

He makes this horrible error with a guest

He allows a guest to slip and hit a rock with such a loud a thud that it made the audience shudder. For the guests, the fact he seemed blase about the incident, almost blowing it off completely, was what upset them the most.

While he waited to ensure the guest was able to get up after the shocking fall, that seemed to be his last interaction with the injured guest. For the remainder of the episode, the guest was tended to by the primary, other deckhands and the interior crew.

Clearly, the guest was unhappy that not only did she sustain an injury, but that Brooks went MIA afterward. And while she explained to him she would have liked an apology, and he disingenuously apologized, the damage was done.

Brooks lets the interior crew do everything

A pig roast for 10 people on a remote island within a tight time frame is tough to navigate. Perhaps Brooks cracks under pressure. Because he seems almost frenzied to get the guests off the island at the end of the night and then leaves Chastain and Carter to clean up the mess in the dark.

This was one episode where Chastain shows the audience was it means to be a total badass chief stew. She and Carter keep their heads down, smiles on and pushing forward. They tirelessly serve the guests with grace and class. While at the same time dealing with the insurmountable amount of gear and food to manage and maintain.

Carter recalls the incident on Twitter, “So now we’ve had broken glass, a dropped guest, an injured 4 year old and the primary charter guest is our new medical officer. And @Kate_Chastain and I weren’t even onboard yet from clearing up the dinner ….. alone with no help from the deck crew (chandler).”

But then Chastain is put in charge

Rosbach sees that his interior crew has worked for hours nonstop. Without missing a beat after cleaning up the entire beach, Chastain and Carter immediately start making drinks for the guests. Brooks is seen stewing in the crew mess over a dropped towel.

So Rosbach tells Chastain she is in charge of the deck crew and to use their help any way necessary. Deckhand Ashton Pienaar could not be happier to get direction. He and deckhand Ross Inia jump in, eager to help Chastain.

Brooks does not share Pienaar and Inia’s zeal. When Chastain asks Brooks to do something he says, “I’ll take a please.” To which Chastain responds, “Please now.” Boom. But the more tasks she needs, the more agitated he becomes. Finally, he decides it is “ice cream time” while Chastain continues to work. She’s not having it and returns the pint to the freezer.

Brooks makes a huge mistake calling Chastain this

At this point, Brooks refuses to take further direction from Chastain. He listens on the radio as she manages the other deckhands’ schedules, sending them to bed. Brooks confronts Chastain after she puts his ice cream away and says he will do his own work and only reports to the captain. “Ice cream is not happening buddy,” she asserts.

He seems supremely annoyed and says in an off-camera interview. “What the f**k are you doing? Like I busted my ass all day. She’s just a glorified housekeeper. It’s f**king my ice cream.” While the comments were made off camera, Chastain had something to tweet in response. “I’ll agree with ‘glorified’ if that counts for anything.”

She adds, “I hope you all are enjoying tonight’s #BelowDeck, keep in mind while you watch that all crew were splitting tips evenly….that notion adds extra oomph.” By the end of the episode, Brooks is called to meet with Rosbach. He asks Chastain to be a witness. While it looks like Brooks is about to get fired, he appears in next week’s episode.

Who could get fired? Here are some candidates.

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