Did Chris Pratt Enjoy Finally Getting to Play the Bad Guy?

Chris Pratt is the ultimate good guy. In the Jurassic Park franchise, he played bleeding heart animal behaviorist Owen Grady. Fans just loved watching the dinosaur lover build his relationship with the incredible Velociraptor, Blue.

Those who haven’t caught him defending dinos definitely know him as the hilarious Peter Quill AKA Star-Lord from the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise and Avengers: Infinity War. 

Fans are used to seeing Pratt nail the good guy persona, but now they will get to see him play a character of an entirely different color!

What is ‘The Kid’ about?

You’ve probably heard of Billy The Kid at some point or another growing up. Well, now director Vincent D’Onofrio has created a semi-biographical action-packed dark Western featuring the badass outlaw. The Kid, instead of focusing on ‘The Kid’ narrows in on a boy named Rio Cutler. The brave boy forms a rather unbelievable alliance with gunslinger Billy the Kid and the local sheriff, Pat Garrett.

Why the unlikely alliance? Rio needs the best of the best to help him rescue his sister, Sara Cutler, who was kidnapped for ransom by their less than stellar gangster uncle, Grant Cutler. 

The Kid was just released in the U.S. on March 8th and can be caught in theaters as soon as you’re ready for some dark Western goodness!

Who stars in the ‘The Kid’?

The Kid has a pretty interesting lineup. Sheriff Romero is played by none other than the director, D’Onofrio. The Brooklyn native was an actor long before he got in the director’s chair so there’s no doubt he’ll nail the role. The star sheriff, Garrett, is played by Training Day’s Ethan Hawke. The experience gained in cop film made him a shoo-in for the role! The other member on the unlikely alliance, Billy, is played by A Cure for Wellness’ Dane DeHaan. 

Main character, Rio, is played by debut actor Jake Schur and his sister, Sara, is played by the Mortal Engines actress Leila George. Other cast members include Adam Baldwin (Bob Olinger), Keith Jardine (Peter), Chris Bylsma (Charlie Bowdre), Clint Obenchain (Tom Pickett), Chad Dashnaw (Dave Rudabaugh), Charlie Chappell (Billy Wilson, Joseph Santos (James George Bell), Hawk D’Onofrio (Oran Moler), and Jenny Gabrielle (Mirabel).  

How does Pratt feel about playing the bad guy?

When it comes to films like this you would expect Pratt to be cast as one of the sheriffs, or perhaps even Billy since he’s helping out. Instead D’Onofrio came up with the bright idea to cast him as the antagonist. While on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Pratt said he once admitted to D’Onofrio that he didn’t think he would be able to play a bad guy. It’s no surprise that he was hesitant to take on the role.

Well the director, one who is no stranger to playing bad guys, was more than happy to put Pratt in the role despite his caution. How bad? Well D’Onofrio played Wilson Fisk aka Kingpin in Daredevila pretty infamous baddie. He was sure with his experience and Pratt’s talent they could definitely create a very believable bad guy out of Pratt. 

The Passengers star said he really enjoyed playing the part. It allowed him to do something different from all of his previous roles, allowing him to grow as an actor. In his own words, “It was really an opportunity to do something different. I liked it.” Will this be the beginning of Pratt being cast in a larger variety of roles? Now that D’Onofrio has proved that Pratt has what it takes to be a straight-up villain, other directors will hopefully take the hint so Pratt can nail the baddie role more often.