Did Craig Conover from ‘Southern Charm’ Finally Find His Dream Career?

It’s no secret that Craig Conover from Southern Charm is a man of many talents. When viewers “met” Conover he was working for a law firm and on the precipice of finishing law school.

Fast forward a few years and fans find that Conover’s professional life experienced quite a shift. It took a while, but Conover finally took and passed the bar. But the one thing that may have started as a hobby seems to have become Conover’s passion. Has Conover finally realized career nirvana?

Andy Cohen, Leslie Bibb, Carole Radziwill and Craig Conover | Getty Images

Conover stuck to the script

Even though he showed a deep interest in creating, the show focused on how Conover could leverage his law degree. There were those tough seasons where cast members continously asked about when Conover would pass the bar.

And then Conover briefly went into business with Southern Charm friend, J.D. Madison. While that partnership didn’t work out, Conover pushed forward to end his journey to becoming an attorney. He is also shown creating throw pillows and other textile creations along the way.

He has mad sewing skills

Conover is often at his sewing machine, creating throw pillows or a sweet stuffed animal for Cameran Eubank’s baby that he (tried his best) put together. He also had somewhat of a fail when he agreed to create throw pillows for Patricia Altschul’s line.

But, the word is Altschul and Conover may ride again. Most recently Altschul posted to her Instagram a business meeting with Conover. Conover expresses his feelings of gratitude in the Instagram video and Altschul seems ready to take a chance on him. Maybe she saw his amazing pocket square Instagram video. The guy is amazing at creating a last-minute pocket square.

Conover was actually hoping something like this might happen. He told Bravo’s The Daily Dish about how he could join his legal and sewing talents.”I think I might be one of the first lawyer pillow makers,” he said. “But it’s interesting ’cause I can handle a lot of legal documents for the company, and my buddy that I’ve been working with, it kind of adds to it, but, yes, I’m glad that I have the time to work on the company while I’m at home, but also hopefully volunteer and help some people out in the meanwhile.”

Plus there is this

Conover confirmed on his Instagram that he has an exciting announcement coming soon. “Big things dropping April 1,” he wrote. “Follow¬†@sewingdownsouth¬†for updates and to be the first able to order.”

The accompanying video is mesmerizing. Conover clearly has all the right tools to create some pretty awesome throw pillows. The video is sped up but it shows exactly how Conover creates a throw pillow from start to finish in his Martha Stewart-looking workshop.

From the way Conover is moving, it looks as though his scary hand injury is also healing. When Conover originally met with Altschul, he was still rocking a hand brace. Clearly, there is no slowing him down now!

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