Did Danielle Busby From ‘OutDaughtered’ Have Plastic Surgery? Why Some Fans Think So

There are plenty of famous families in the reality TV world that fans love keeping up with — and the Busbys are certainly one of them. While they’re newer to the scene than favorites like the Duggars or the Gosselins, Danielle and Adam Busby made a name for themselves when Danielle had the first set of all-female quintuplets in the United States. Now, fans can follow their lives with their 3-year-old quints and their 7-year-old daughter, Blayke, on TLC’s OutDaughtered.

Just like other stars, the Busbys aren’t immune to gossip and criticism — and some fans have suspected that Danielle has had some plastic surgery after the quints were born. Here’s why.

Danielle’s explained her insane high-calorie diet she maintained while pregnant before

With just one look at Danielle, fans could tell she maintained an active lifestyle well before she was pregnant with quintuplets. But she told TLC that during her unusual pregnancy, she actually had to eat 4,500 calories a day to keep up with the nutritional needs for herself and the babies. This may seem like a dream scenario for most — but the mom of six promised that the allure of eating so much was actually more difficult than you’d expect.

Danielle mentioned to the network that in order to hit her calorie goal of 4,500, she had to forget “everything I learned about eating clean and healthy foods. I had to literally eat my dessert before I could eat the salad on my plate.” She mentioned that consuming this amount of high-caloric, high-fat foods “took the pleasure” out of consuming treats — even though it’s well-known that Oreos are one of her favorite vices.

Fans think she had plastic surgery to get her post-baby body back

Looking at Danielle now, fans would never know the mom of quintuplets ever had six children, let alone five kids at once. And it had fans wondering how the OutDaughtered star was able to bounce back so fast — especially since she had a C-section, which leaves many women with a stubborn belly area that can be extra difficult to flatten.

In Touch Weekly notes fans immediately jumped to the conclusion that Danielle had plastic surgery. While the busy mom hasn’t come out to the public and totally denied this possibility (to our knowledge), she did note to TLC that she got her pre-baby body back through her own methods that haven’t involved the help of any plastic surgeons. Considering she and husband Adam also own a cycling studio in Texas, it makes perfect sense that Danielle would know how to get her body back in shape. It’s also worth considering that she was in her early 30s when she had the quints and was incredibly fit prior to her pregnancy.

Her results are just through hard work and eating right

So, if Danielle didn’t have plastic surgery prior to get her body TV-ready, what did she do? She spilled her secrets to TLC — and it mainly involves getting a workout in in whatever way she can. “There are days I am actually able to get away and go to the gym, but as a mom of six, it doesn’t happen too often, and I try my best to do workouts at home,” she said. And her at-home workouts include push-ups and sit-ups for strength as well as some stair exercises for cardio. Danielle also explained that she loves loading her quints up in a stroller and going for a walk or jog. She ends up pushing 200 pounds around her neighborhood, which makes for a serious workout.

Danielle is so into her workout routine that she even provides at-home exercise ideas on her Instagram. Fans can see the mom of six is just performing them in her home, and the moves she chooses cover a wide array of muscle groups. When you follow a plan like this, there’s definitely no reason for plastic surgery.

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