Did Danielle Staub and Oliver Maier Break Up After Postponing Their Wedding?

Danielle Staub
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Things seem to be happening quickly in Danielle Staub’s love life. She finalized her divorce, then days later got engaged to Oliver Maier. After that they reportedly postponed their wedding, but are they still together? Here is everything you need to know.

Danielle Staub and Oliver Maier got engaged while on a trip

Staub and Maier took a big step after six weeks of dating. They reportedly met through a mutual friend, who he was dating. The couple gave an interview and Staub said it wasn’t love at first sight between them.

I quite frankly couldn’t stand him when I first met him,” the Real Housewives of New Jersey star told People. “He’s so strong-willed, and at first, I read that as rude, and arrogant and entitled. It wasn’t until I got to know him that I saw the other side.”

Maier talked about being the one pursuing the relationship. “People don’t like to take a risk, but I took a risk,” he revealed. “Danielle’s one of the smartest people I’ve met. People have preconceived notions about her from reality TV, but she’s a smart woman. And I was instantly attracted to that.”

It was first reported that Maier was also a Duke of Provence. In the interview, he claimed his family owned 15 vineyards and two castles in the South of France.

They were reportedly planning to get married on March 4

The couple was reportedly going to make things official shortly after getting engaged. Their plan was to get married by the justice of the peace on March 4, and have Teresa Giudice as their witness.

According to People, they planned on living in New York City and buy Staub’s home for her daughters. “Most likely we’ll be spending a lot of time in France,” she told People. “We’ll be going to castles and all that, and living in Paris for a certain amount of months out of the year.”

Are their plans of marrying and traveling already over days after the news broke that they were engaged?

They reportedly broke up and Maier’s title might not matter

Staub and Maier didn’t get married on March 4 and there were sources that gave a few reasons why. It seems like things were moving too fast.

Danielle and Oliver are temporarily postponing their wedding but are still very much engaged,” a source told E! News. “Danielle is going to spend a few days with her daughters recognizing this all happened very fast. Her children have always been her number one priority and that will never change.”

Now Us Weekly is reporting that they have broken their engagement. A source claimed that Staub and Maier went shopping for an engagement ring over the weekend, but didn’t buy one.

It was also previously reported that Maier is a duke, but that title might not hold much weight. “He’s a descendant of the duke from around 700 years ago,” an insider told Page Six. “The lineage doesn’t exist anymore. The title is pointless.”

It’s unknown why the couple reportedly broken their engagement, and they have yet to officially confirm it.

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