Did Derick Dillard, Jill Duggar’s Husband, Spend His Birthday With the Rest of the Duggar Family?

The Duggar family has plenty of controversial moments fans remember through the years, and Jill Duggar’s husband, Derick Dillard, has been a part of many. We remember when Jill and Derick first met and married soon after, and now, the happy couple post all about their family life with their two sons on their Dillard Family blog. Though we don’t see Derick and Jill on Counting On anymore due to Derick’s hateful Twitter posts of the past, they still maintain a serious following on social media, too.

Derick recently had a birthday, and now we’re curious as to how he spent it. Did he hang at home with Jill and the kids, or venture to his in-laws for a bigger celebration? Here’s what we know.

Jill posted all about Derick’s birthday on their family blog

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Thanks to the Dillard Family blog, fans get a ton of insight into what Jill and Derick are up to. Jill seems to utilize the blog more than Derick, as she posts her favorite family recipes regularly and keeps fans in the loop with new photos of her sons. Recently, she also posted about Derick’s 30th birthday, which was on March 9. “Just wanted to hop on here real quick and say happy birthday to the man of my dreams!” she started the post — and it also came with plenty of photos from the big day, too.

Jill went on to explain that for Derick’s birthday, her, Derick, and their two sons enjoyed a family dinner complete with spaghetti pie, “Derick’s favorite.” She also explained that they spent the night indoors with a movie and had donuts the following morning for breakfast. Unfortunately for Derick, it seems he had some studies to catch up on, as Jill noted in the post that his plans for the afternoon included some work — but thanks to Derick’s mom taking care of their kids in the evening, the happy couple got to have some alone time together.

Derick also posted about his birthday on Instagram

Derick didn’t post too much about his birthday, but he did add one Instagram post that gave fans some clue as to what he was up to. “Thanks @jillmdillard for the fun early birthday lunch at Olive Garden! #familytime #olivegarden,” he captioned his photo set. The photos included him and Jill with a large spread of Olive Garden food along with their two sons.

While Olive Garden may not seem like ideal birthday cuisine for some, it’s a big deal for any member of the Duggar family to enjoy food out at a restaurant. The family grew up on a strict budget and still only seem to eat out on special occasions aside from the atypical date night. And, because customers can get so much bang for their buck at Olive Garden, it makes perfect sense as to why the Dillard family would be celebrating there. There’s also been speculation that Jill and Derick have been having financial issues since they were excused from Counting On, which would make Olive Garden even more ideal.

Did he celebrate with the rest of the Duggars? It doesn’t appear so

So, did Derick spend any amount of time on his 30th birthday with Jill’s side of the family? It doesn’t appear he did. And while the Duggars often give shout-outs online to members of their family who are having a birthday, there was no mention of Derick on the family’s Instagram, either.

As for why Derick didn’t spend any amount of time with his in-laws, some fans may think it’s because of his possible rising tensions between Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. The family received a lot of bad press when Derick went on a Twitter tirade against trans TLC star Jazz Jennings — and some reports claimed Michelle and Jim Bob scolded him for it. Fans have also noted that Derick is rarely at Duggar family events even when other in-laws are in attendance. On the other hand, there’s also the possibility that Derick just wanted some alone time with Jill and his boys as he entered a new decade, and it might be nothing more than that.

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