Did Derick Dillard Just Tell Everyone He Settled for Jill Duggar as His Wife?

If there’s anyone who’s known for causing controversy in the Duggar family, it’s Jill Duggar’s husband, Derick Dillard. We know Jill best for her years on TV shows like 19 Kids and Counting and Counting On. Unfortunately for the soft-spoken and kind mother of two, she’s no longer a part of the Counting On series, as Derick got them removed from TLC’s programming after he unleashed a slew of transphobic and hateful tweets. Nevertheless, the two still maintain a strong following on social media. And while some may assume Derick would learn his lesson and stop posting his candid thoughts online altogether, it seems he’s back at it with a new blog post.

On the Dillard Family blog, Derick wrote a long sentiment about what it means to seek Christ as a Millennial. He reflects on his 20s as he approached his 30th birthday — but more importantly, he made one mention of Jill that fans took serious issue with. Here’s what he said that raised a few red flags.

Jill and Derick met thanks to Jim Bob Duggar

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Before digging in to the blog post, it’s important to note how Jill and Derick first fell in love. In Touch Weekly notes they first laid eyes on each other during the holiday season in 2011 when Derick made a caroling stop at the Duggar household. It was all history after that, as Derick caught the attention of Jill’s father, Jim Bob Duggar, and asked him to be his prayer partner in Nepal thereafter. Derick accepted the offer and was finally properly introduced to Jill by Jim Bob in 2013. As Jill said, “As my dad got to know Derick he was really impressed with his Godly character. He started telling me about Derick and also told Derick about me!”

The same year they properly met, the two were courting — and like all Duggar courtships, it wasn’t long before marriage. In Touch Weekly notes the two wed in June 2014 in front of over 1,000 people, and today, they have two sons they happily share photos of on social media. We’re sure it won’t be long until a third is on the way, too.

He wrote that waiting for the perfect person means you’ll ‘die single’

Derick’s made it clear he’s here to share his feelings with the world no matter how polarizing his views are — and a recent blog post of his confirmed that. “By far, the most important aspect of my life is my identity as a disciple of Jesus Christ.  Regardless of where I find myself in life, I pray that my Christian faith informs all that I think, say, and do,” he wrote in the post. And while his writing touches on many subjects, he also gave some advice regarding finding love.

He wrote to his readers that if they’re waiting for the perfect man or woman to enter their lives (better known as “the one”), they could be waiting forever. “Young singles expect to see the clouds part and hear the hallelujah chorus when they meet their soul mate, and if that hasn’t happened, then they believe that they must continue waiting for ‘the one’,” he added. Derick then wrote something quite sweet about his wife. “My ‘one’ is always Jill Michelle Dillard.”

Unfortunately, the sweet sentiment ended with the following sentence. He then went on to say, “If you aren’t married, don’t wait for a perfect person because you’ll just die single.”

Fans are totally unimpressed with the sentiment in his post

Jill certainly didn’t see anything wrong with what her husband posted. In fact, In Touch Weekly notes she even promoted the blog post on her Instagram. Unfortunately, her fans were quick to question what Derick was actually saying. He may have called Jill his “one” — but others assumed he was insinuating that he settled for Jill because she was the first decent woman to come along in his life.

As Jill’s followers commented on her post, “… it sounds like from this writing you’re not the love of his life, but an adequate choice of spouse.” And another said, “Did … did your husband basically say he settled?” We’re glad Jill thinks Derick’s post is sweet, at least.

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