Did Drug Abuse Completely Change Artie Lange’s Appearance?

Artie Lange | Artie Lange Twitter

Artie Lange fans were shocked recently when the comedian posted images of his considerably altered appearance. From the time he began appearing on HBO’s Crashing, Lange’s face seemed to change. With his nose making the biggest transformation.

On Christmas Day, he posted a photo to Twitter and said, “This is it but I believe her nose had a septum and had not been hideously deformed due to over 3 decades of drug abuse.” Lange’s nose appears to be smashed on one side to the point of total deflation.

In true Lange form, he’s been candid about his changing appearance. Not mincing words or sugar-coating why his nose seems to have completely imploded, the 51-year-old is open about what happened.

Big changes seemed to occur this fall

It is no secret that Lange is a true hustler. Check his Twitter feed and find and an endless string of concert date posts, so he’s always working, always moving. And while Lange is one of the hardest working comedians in show business, he’s also still one of the hardest partying comedians too. He’s made no bones about looking rough, especially the past few years. However, he pointed out on Twitter this fall, “If anyone else makes the unique observation I look like bad these days man that’s gonna make me mad!”

But Lange’s usual bedraggled appearance looked markedly harsher lately. In another image he posted with club owner Buddy Rich a tone-deaf Twitter follower remarked, “Oh My………get the nose fixed, cut your hair and get some new clothes. Oh and take a shower!”

More fans comment on Lange’s nose

As Lange continued to post, fans kept asking about his sharply changing appearance. “Art you gotta get that nose fixed bro,” one follower wrote on Twitter. Another mocked, “Good Ol’ Artichoke nose.” Lange, still in the grips of drug addiction, headed back to rehab. He posted about getting clean and surviving, but fans continued to query about his nose.

On December 2 he finally responded on Twitter to the comments. “My brother Levy. He picked me up from rehab. My nose is f**ked but I’m alive. Just did Live ⁦@ComedyCellarUSA⁩ for Comedy Central Lol. I killed but I offended too many ppl. Times have changed. But ⁦@ComedyCentralPR⁩ was so nice. It airs Friday. I hope I’m in it.” And readdressed it the same way a week later.

The comedian who was clean, wrote on Twitter too, “Great thing about the Cellar. It’s 2am on Thur & just got off stage. Place was sold out. NEw material working. Made gorgeous girl in front take my pic. But I’ve gotta face it – My nose is grotesque. I don’t look like David Beckham. I look like the ball he kicks around!”

How did it get this bad?

Lange’s nose looks severely damaged. He commented on Twitter that while his nose is a disaster he can still breathe and will be o.k. to quell the comments. But he came out with more specifics on December 17. “My nose looks like it got hit w 32 yrs of gambling drugs booze strippers Whores. Good women Bad women Loved ones dying. Loved ones leaving stand up Comedy The road Movies TV radio books /dreams coming true. Dreams not /anger jails rehabs mental wards detoxes cigarettes & fun.”

When Lange referred to his hard-partying lifestyle he wasn’t kidding. He said at one point he inadvertently snorted glass while attempting to snort crushed OxyContin tablets. Lange credits that incident for destroying the septum in his nose. While on probation, Lange recently tested positive for cocaine. But thwarted jail, according to NJ.com. He plans to have surgery to correct his destroyed septum.

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