Did Dwayne Johnson Just Flex on Shep Rose from ‘Southern Charm’ on Twitter?

Shep Rose Instagram

Anyone who follows Shep Rose from Southern Charm on Twitter knows they are in store for some highly entertaining tweets. The Charleston, South Carolina resident often shares his musings on social media, usually interacting with fans and followers.

While watching a not-so-thrilling Super Bowl, Rose wandered over to social media to discuss what was really on his mind.”They are never going to stop making fast and furious movies,” he tweeted. “My question is..who keeps paying to see them? I don’t know one person that does. Guy Fieri?”

Rose’s attention turned back to the game while his tweet was on full simmer. What happened next?

‘The Rock’ handed it back

Rose went onto tweet several more times that evening about the game. But later discovered, Dwayne Johnson, AKA “The Rock” responded to this tweet. “Hahah crazy right when you think the franchise over the years has made over $5billion globally. Oh and I know one guy who watches.. my buddy Mark Zuckerberg. Crazy right!?” So…”The Rock” follows Rose on Twitter?

Fans sunk their teeth into the thread posting Johnson memes. Others proclaimed their love for the franchise. “The fnf movies are good action block busters,” one person commented. “They are not deep, no academy award winning stuff. They are dumb and brainless action movies that are fun and entertaining. And that is what the movies try to be. Nothing more, nothing less. I love it!”

Rose realizes ‘The Rock’ commented on his tweet

The next afternoon, Rose realized that Johnson dropped a response to his The Fast and the Furious tweet. Rose, who seemed more excited to get the response, wrote, “Whoa! The @TheRock answered my somewhat snarky tweet about the fast and furious franchise. I now officially retract my statement and will immediately binge every movie consecutively. Anything to keep The Rock on my good side. All the best to you sir!” Again, does Rose realize Johnson may be a fan too?

Fans joined in. “You know ur doing well in life when the @rock comments on ur tweet,” one person wrote. Another delivered this comment. “Shep, I do believe you just caught the delicious scent of what The Rock is cooking.”

The exchange takes on a life of its own

Media outlets picked up on the exchange. Rose wrote, “Forgive me Mr. Johnson. I know not what i do!” He added that he thought Johnson was pretty nice about the exchange too.

Rose also clarified the intent of his original post. “The Guy Fieri dig was less about his show, which isn’t bad and shines a light on dive restaurants. But More about the flame across the shirt, wrap around shades, and frosted tips.”

The one person in the center of the tweetstorm is the Mayor of Flavortown himself. Thus far, Fieri has yet to pick up on the exchange. Which leads to the bigger question: Is Guy Fieri The Fast and the Furious fan?

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