Did Hailey Baldwin Know About Justin Bieber’s Struggles Before Marriage?

Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber are one of the hottest couples right now. Baldwin, a top model, and Bieber, a musician, tied the knot in late 2018 and ever since, have been open with their fans about their relationship journey.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin
Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin | James Devaney/GC Images

While they have experienced their ups and downs, this is one celebrity couple that remains committed to each other, defying the odds as well as the naysayers who predicted they would be broken up before a few months had gone by. Read on to discover just how well Hailey Baldwin knew Justin Bieber prior to making their love legal.

When did Hailey Baldwin first meet Justin Bieber?

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In 2009, Justin Bieber was just beginning his journey to the top of the charts. The mop-topped “Baby” singer was an idol for young women everywhere, including one particular fan. Hailey Baldwin first crossed paths with Justin Bieber in 2009, with Baldwin’s father, the actor Stephen Baldwin, taking the initiative and introducing the two teenagers. While nothing romantic happened immediately after their first meeting, the seeds of love were undoubtedly planted, and the two began a friendship that would span a decade.

By 2011, Baldwin was supporting Bieber’s artistic efforts, and even attended the premiere of his concert movie. They were spotted together several times over the next several years, and by 2014, rumors were starting to swirl the two young stars were romantically involved. While Baldwin denied the rumors at first, telling reporters that the two were “just friends,” in early 2015, Bieber posted a steamy shot on Instagram of he and Baldwin locked in an embrace. 

When did Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber get married?

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By the summer of 2016, Bieber and Baldwin had their first lover’s quarrel and broke up. They both dated other people briefly but by early 2018, the couple had decided to give their love another shot. They were spotted attending church together and by July 2018, they got engaged. Fans and media outlets speculated about when they would get married, and as it turned out, they wouldn’t have long to wait.

In September 2018, Bieber and Baldwin tied the knot at Manhattan courthouse. While they reportedly still want to have a big ceremony that includes their family and friends, nothing has been confirmed by either Baldwin or Bieber. One thing’s for sure though, they are definitely married and according to reports, are very much in love. Sources claim that Bieber believes Baldwin is “the best wife” and loves that he can rely on her stability.

Justin Bieber has openly struggled with depression

Justin Bieber has had a very successful career, but even his life isn’t perfect. The young singer has been open about his struggles with depression and mental wellness. He even shares on social media when he’s feeling particularly vulnerable or down. While many fans question whether Bieber’s struggles cause his wife stress, it seems as though the couple relies on each other entirely.

In a recent interview with Vogue, Bieber claims that while he and Baldwin are still “working through stuff” but that marriage is a responsibility he’s glad to take on. He also states that Baldwin’s structured, logical nature provides a good balance for his more emotional nature. For her part, Baldwin opened up to Vogue, revealing that “marriage is hard” and that “negative things happened” early in their relationship that they still need to work through.

Even though Bieber and Baldwin clearly still have a lot of growing to do in their relationship, they have known each other for a decade – much longer than many Hollywood couples. They have a firm foundation of friendship to build their marriage on, and that reason alone might give them the strength they need to weather the storms.