Did Prince Harry’s Best Friend Warn Him Not to Marry Meghan Markle?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are the perfect couple! When they look at each other, you can actually see the love in their eyes. Now that they are expecting their first child, we really know just how much the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are meant to be.

In fact, although they’ve only been married for less than a year, it is hard to imagine a time when Meghan and Harry were not together. People all over the world can see just how much they belong together, only one of the many reasons as to why their May 2018 wedding was such a huge event. So, is it true that Harry’s best friend actually warned him not to marry Meghan

Harry and Tom Inskip were classmates at school

Prince Harry
Britain’s Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex |ADRIAN DENNIS/AFP/Getty Images

The former best friends met years ago when they were classmates at the elite school, Eton. They instantly connected, due mostly to their outgoing personalities, and their love for all things fun.

Through the years, Harry has stood by Tom’s side, offering friendly support for just about everything that he has done! Tom himself got married in 2017, and Harry and Meghan even attended the wedding, further showing what an excellent friend Harry is. However, when Harry and Meghan got married, Tom was one of the very few people who weren’t happy.

Why doesn’t Tom seem to like Meghan?

The world is in love with Meghan Markle. So, why does Tom Inskip feel differently? Well, there are actually a few reasons. It seems that Tom feels that Meghan is trying to steer Harry away from his former life and change him just a little too much.

There are several things that Harry did before he met her that Meghan disapproves of. Although she feels that she is changing him for the better by encouraging him to stop behaviors such as smoking, it would appear that Tom sees it from a different perspective.

Tom thinks that Meghan and Harry moved too quickly

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#update Surprised, speechless, overwhelmed… That and many other feelings experienced today, after the news that the royal couple The Duke and Duchess of Sussex just created their first official account on Instagram and literally separated from Kate and William on the platform! Harry& Meghan aren't the first to have an official account, however, other royals have as well, such as: Spain, Monaco, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and of course Great Britain like Princess Eugenie, Queen Elizabeth with relatives, The Duke and Duchess of York and Prince Charles and Duchess of Cornwall and Kate & William… The whole process was absolutely predictable; it was obvious that from the beginning Kensington had not satisfactorily (from my point of view) covered the engagements of Harry & Meghan. And the consequence is simply wonderful: Together & yet separated. Space to develop themselves as a family, control of the narratives and building a closer relationship with the fans. Some comments "Harry & Meghan may not create their own account" was buried once and for all. They may and they have! I wish the couple all the best for the future; A peaceful page with a lot of love and respect. And last but not least, I hope to be a good representative fanpage for the @sussexroyal and I‘m very looking forward for the images of Baby Sussex on her/his own account. P.S.: It literally broke the internet today, you may try several times to be allowed to follow… Don’t hesitate keep trying…

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In addition to feeling that Meghan is trying to change Harry too much, Tom apparently thinks that Harry and Meghan rushed into marriage too quickly. We can all remember how Harry’s older brother, Prince William, dated Kate Middleton for so long before proposing that the media nicknamed her “Waity Katie”!

Harry didn’t follow in his brother’s footsteps when making the decision to marry Meghan, which didn’t sit well with Tom Inskip.

Did Tom warn Harry not to marry Meghan?

Unfortunately, it appears that he did, according to The Sun. Sadly, Tom felt that Meghan just wasn’t good for Harry, something that royal fans disagree with. He thought that it just wasn’t the right thing for his friend to do, so he tried to advise the prince against asking Meghan to marry him.

Not only did Harry obviously not take Tom’s advice, but he also chose to end their years-long friendship. While we were sad to see the former best friends part ways, we do have to say that we are beyond relieved that Harry made the right decision and went forward with his marriage. 

Will the friends ever reconcile?

While it remains to be seen as to if Harry and Tom will ever repair their friendship, we know that Harry feels he was doing what was best for him. Marrying Meghan has turned out to be the best decision that the Duke of Sussex has ever made!

Although they weren’t together for a long time before announcing their engagement, the couple is truly happy, and Harry couldn’t be more confident in his decision! Hopefully, Tom will come to the realization that Harry was following his heart, and chose to spend his life with the person he loves.