Did Jake Hoot Deserve to Win ‘The Voice:’ Fans Weigh In?

Season 17 of The Voice has come to a close, and Kelly Clarkson’s country vocalist Jake Hoot has taken the top prize — a recording contract with Universal Music Group and $100,000. While Jake Hoot had his fair share of devoted fans — those who love a little drawl and a deep, guttural vibration coming through the speakers — many were surprised to see Katie and Ricky lose out. 

The Voice Kelly Clarkson and Jake Hoot Season 17
The Voice Season 17 Kelly Clarkson and Jake Hoot | Trae Patton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

When it comes down to it, did Jake Hoot deserve to win The Voice? Did the country factor put him above the other artists, creating an unfair advantage on a show that historically caters to country lovers? Or, did he have the most unique, most coachable, and most impressive vocals of the top three? Let’s break down what fans had to say to determine if Jake Hoot deserved to win season 17 of The Voice.

Many fans feel Jake Hoot did not deserve to win season 17 of ‘The Voice’

When it comes to The Voice, fans are never shy about voicing (pun intended) their opinions on social media. In a Reddit discussion about the results of The Voice season 17, some fans explained why Jake Hoot may not have deserved the honor. One fan stated:

The fact that Jake earned the Apple Music bonus for the third week in a row and consistently topped the iTunes chart shows how strong a following the country genre has. All 4 finalists are extremely gifted but among them, I feel Jake is the least unique vocally. He and Ricky, however, are the ones with the strongest connection to the audience. We know how strong emotional votes can be.

Personally I was rooting for Katie. But I totally wouldn’t mind if Ricky or Rose won. The charts, however, showed otherwise.

Reddit User 

Noting Jake Hoot’s consecutive Apple Music bonus, the fan pointed to the show’s strong country following, while also noting Hoot’s competence for emotional connection. Though many feel Katie deserved the win when accounting for vocals alone, she may have been lacking other needed attributes that make a winner. However, isn’t The Voice supposed to put those factors last? Another viewer chimed in, stating his opinions surrounding the pure vocal aspect alone: 

Honestly, I think genre won over actual talent. Rose and Katie could belt out songs and hit notes and octaves that Jake couldn’t touch, and Ricky was as talented with his guitar as he was with his voice, plus he had a lot of charisma. Jake had the country world voting for him, and that alone is a formidable opponent. Jake has plenty of talent and sings a nice little tune, but I really don’t think he should have won a contest called “The Voice.”

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In the end, many viewers felt that Jake Hoot didn’t deserve to win a show destined to find the next great voice. He may have been talented, but many viewers found his range limited. When scrolling through the discussion, it becomes obvious that a significant number of fans favored Ricky or Katie for first place, yet the Hoot fans out there support the decision, whether he “technically” earned the honor akin to the show title or not.