Did Jake Paul Cheat on Tana Mongeau?

Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul don’t have a traditional relationship. The YouTube couple were heading down the aisle just as the world realized they were sort-of together in the first place. In fact, their marriage came on the heels of Mongeau’s very public breakup with Bella Thorne. Now, just a few months after their surprise wedding, fans have no idea where the couple stands. Are they together? Are they actually married? Is Jake Paul cheating on his wife? The nature of their relationship is so murky that it’s hard to say, but there is some evidence that extramarital action is ongoing.

Erika Costell addresses her relationship status amid cheating rumors

Before marrying Mongeau in a rushed wedding, Paul was linked to Erika Costell. Costell, who originally began working with Paul as his assistant, seemingly fell into a relationship with the star after his ill-fated relationship with Alissa Violet. The pair were said to be dating, and they led fans to believe they were getting serious. Costell amassed a huge YouTube following thanks to her relationship with Paul, but it’s hard to say if the relationship was ever legitimate. Costell and Paul both claimed the relationship was fake, according to The New York Times.

Costell and Paul parted ways in November 2018 but continued to spark dating rumors in the days following Paul’s marriage to Mongeau. Costell was spotted out and about with Paul after the wedding, and long after her relationship with Paul’s company ended. She took to YouTube to explain to her fans that she is currently single, but many believe she might still be romantically linked to Paul.  She has refused to answer any questions about Paul.

Do Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul have an open relationship?

Cheating likely isn’t an issue for Mongeau and Paul, because the couple has an open relationship. According to Entertainment Tonight, Paul revealed that he and Mongeau don’t have a traditional marriage and that they are both free to hook up with other people. Paul even gave Mongeau his blessing to hookup with Noah Cyrus.

Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul
Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul | gotpap/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

The couple also isn’t legally married. They tied the knot in Las Vegas and had a massive party to go along with it, but they never actually got a marriage license. So, while they claim they are husband and wife, legally, they are not. Their marriage is similar to the union between Brody Jenner and Kaitlynn Carter, who split earlier in the year. While the couple was said to be married, they never had a marriage license.

Are Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul together?

Can cheating be an issue if a couple isn’t really together? Most would agree that cheating can only occur when both parties have agreed to an exclusive relationship. Sure, Mongeau and Paul claim they are married, but many fans believe the couple’s entire relationship has been faked to keep the interest of fans.

Paul and Mongeau don’t live together and never have. They hook up with other people, and Paul has even claimed that he and Mongeau will probably end up “divorced” eventually. On Oct. 1, Mongeau posted a video giving fans an update on their relationship.

While the pair insist they are still married, fans aren’t buying it. Several comments on the video suggest that Mongeau might be in some sort of “contract” with Paul. Another commenter suggested the pair hadn’t seen each other since their haphazard nuptials.