Did Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright from ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Go on ‘Below Deck?’

Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright | Brittany Cartwright Instagram

Vanderpump Rules and Below Deck fans got a preview of what a mashup show might look like thanks to Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright’s Instagram and Twitter. The couple, along with Lala Kent and fiance Randall Emmett, recently boarded a gorgeous superyacht, which had fans speculating.

“Are you on Captn Lee’s boat?!” one Taylor Twitter fan hoped. Another wrote, “Please tell us there’s a Below Deck crossover coming.” But alas, Taylor replied, “Nope it’s Lala’s fiancés, Randall. Doing a little vacay with friends.” Even though the couples are on a private getaway, their Instagram and Twitter look a lot like an episode from Below Deck.

But Captain Lee does make an ‘appearance’

Taylor captures the crew manging the luggage on Twitter. “Heading to the boat #bahamas,” Taylor wrote. One fan asked, “Below Deck?”

Next is a video of the gang walking toward the magnificent yacht.  “My home awaits,” he wrote on Twitter. As luck would have it, Captain Lee Rosbach from Below Deck caught the video and wrote, “Now I know where you are. Check out Greycliff, great wine cellar and selection and it’s on your side of the bridge.”

The yacht’s interior is stunning

Jax Taylor Instagram

Taylor wanders the yacht in his Instagram story, wondering what to do today. The gorgeously appointed furniture and yacht’s craftsmanship is on display as the walks through what appears to be the main salon. His camera captures the sweeping views from the windows surrounding the interior. Which includes a full bar, a huge dining area, big screen television, and a small prep sink. An area that is often seen on Below Deck where stews make those delicious drinks.

And the toys are out

Jax Taylor Instagram

Below Deck deckhands know what it takes to get all the toys in the water. And the toys are out for Taylor and crew. He takes Instagram viewers along to show the line of jet skis. Plus the (dreaded) giant slide is ready too.

He wonders if he should go on the jet skis or the slide? Meanwhile, a crew member, who resembles someone who could be a cast member on any of the Below Deck shows waits by the jet skis.

It’s all about the excursion


Taylor mentions the yacht they are aboard is traveling through the Bahamas. And the weather appears to be spectacular. Although he ponders which yacht toys he should play with, he informs his Instagram followers there are other plans.

“Gonna go swim with some sharks,” he wrote on his story. “Apparently that island has a ton of black tips to the right of it.” But like a kid with too many toys to play with, he says he wants to go fishing first and then go explore an island. And pans the camera over to show what awaits.

But first, lunch

Jax Taylor | Jax Taylor Instagram

Like a scene from Below Deck, the Vanderpump crew has lunch on the deck outside. Stews can be seen intently waiting on guests. Meanwhile, one of the charter guests belts out a “not so karaoke-ready version” of Starship’s We Built This City.

And just like Below Deck, the weather changes on a dime. Taylor’s previous Instagram video showed blue skies and sun. But shortly after lunch, a storm rolled in. Perhaps the yacht captain, much like Rosbach or Captain Sandy Yawn booked it away from the bad weather. As the yacht is seen driving in the opposite direction.

Taylor’s final Instagram story installment shows the crew docked at Atlantis, getting ready for an evening of fun. Although fans didn’t get their Vanderpump Rules and Below Deck mashup, Taylor provided fans with enough footage that made it pretty close.

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