Did Jeff Lewis’ Grandmother Die?

Jeff Lewis’ grandmother, Patty | Jeff Lewis Instagram

In a heartbreaking episode, Jeff Lewis from Flipping Out attends to his beloved grandmother in her hospice room. Lewis is especially close with his grandmother, Patty after losing his mother at a young age. “My grandmother’s my mother’s mother, but my mom died when I was 18, and there’s no one to really take care of her, watch her, so I’ve taken on that role because she was so good to me when I was a kid,” Bravo’s The Daily Dish recounts.

Lewis is seen visiting his grandmother throughout the Flipping Out series, often redesigning her home. However, during the latest episode, Patty’s health seemed to fail and she fell and ended up in the hospital, according to Daily Mail. Lewis prepares himself to lose his grandmother, amid employee controversies and raising his daughter Monroe.

Patty suffered a serious injury

When the show opens, Lewis talks about how his grandmother broke her hip, which was missed at the hospital. Lews says his grandmother fell in the breezeway and the only reason someone discovered her was that she fell outside and the dog was barking.

The dog may have alerted the neighbors

Patty’s dog Lucy was barking, which alerted the neighbors. The housekeeper continued to care for Lucy while Patty was in the hospital. Lewis says Lucy is an extremely smart dog, one of the smartest dogs he’s ever met. While checking on Patty’s home Lewis takes care of Lucy, walking and feeding her.

Even though Lucy is a bright dog, Lewis says Lucy is not well trained. He ultimately takes her to obedience school so she is better trained in the event Patty comes home. He admits he may not be able to care for Lucy in if Patty passes and will find her a new home.

This isn’t the first time Patty has fallen

Lewis says his grandmother has fallen before. “When you are younger you are more likely to heal,” he says. “But she’s 92, she’s declining.” Patty refused to eat or take her pain medication.  Lewis’ administrative assistant and (former) friend Jenni Pulos suggests offering ice cream and to give her what she wants.

Things go from bad to worse

The hospital gives Lewis’ his grandmother the green light to be discharged. However, she becomes ill while at home and is dehydrated. They take her back to the hospital where she becomes (in Jeff’s words), “Bad grandma and a bad patient.” He adds she has a number of infections and refuses treatment. Plus she’s still not eating or drinking.

When Lewis asks Pulos’ what her husband, who is a physician, thinks they get into an argument. Pulos tries to tell Lewis what her husband advises, but he jumps down her throat.

Gage tries to step in and help

Lewis warns his partner Gage Edward he is on the edge and to give him a break. Edward steps in, taking care of their baby and giving Lewis space to face what is occurring.

Patty is ultimately transferred to hospice

Edward tells Pulos that Lewis and his grandmother “had the conversation” about the realistic possibility she could die. Edward says Lewis isn’t “doing so well.” Lewis also talks with one of his employees about funeral flowers and arrangements. Pulos and Lewis visit Patty in her hospice room where Lewis jokes about repainting the room. They also FaceTime with Lewis’ daughter, who seems to bring laughter and a smile to Patty’s face.

Lewis’ biggest nightmare comes true

Patty dies on September 13. Lewis shared an image of Patty on his Instagram and this humorous tribute. “I’m sad to say that my grandmother passed away today.  You always taught me to speak my mind, so it’s your fault.  I love you.”

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