Did Jenelle and David Land a Deal with Netflix?

Jenelle Evans is apparently desperate to return to television. When news of her Teen Mom 2 firing broke, the rumors about where she would land started to swirl. Several media outlets began reporting that Jenelle and her troubled husband would land on Marriage Bootcamp. The rumor turned out to be untrue. The production company behind the show insist that they have absolutely no intention of featuring Jenelle on their show.  Now it looks like the pair missed out on a Netflix, too – or at least that’s what Jenelle claims.

Jenelle eluded to a Netflix deal last season

Way back in August of 2018, Jenelle alleged she had plenty of offers on the table if she was willing to leave Teen Mom 2. She told her executive producer that she was annoyed by the solo traveling. Eason had been unwelcome on sets since his own firing. Additional the production team was unwilling to film in North Carolina.

Jenelle named both Netflix and Amazon as production houses interested in her story. She threatened to leave Teen Mom 2 if they were unwilling to accommodate Eason. MTV was not, in fact, ready to accommodate Eason as he had previously terrorized the production team and spent the better part of 2018 and 2019 trolling the Teen Mom cast on Twitter.

Is the Netflix deal going to happen now that Jenelle is off Teen Mom 2?

Absolutely not. Apparently, there was never any deal on the table in the first place. According to Ok Magazine, Netflix management told the publication that they are not working with Evans. According to a Netflix insider no project was ever being worked on for the reality TV star.

Amazon hasn’t commented on whether they would be willing to work with the troubled star, either. Considering the fact that fans are irritated that she is in the press at all, it’s unlikely she’ll be returning to television or streaming television anytime soon. It is unlikely any network will take a chance on the polarizing star while she is with Eason.

What will Jenelle do for money?

Now that she’s lost the regular income of Teen Mom 2, fans are curious about what the starlet is planning to do for money. The couple was forced to reveal their salaries during their custody hearing. Jenelle racked in a cool $400,000 for her work on the show in 2018, while Eason pulled in $60,000 before he was booted.

Jenelle Evans
Jenelle Evans | Photo by John Lamparski/Getty Images for Indonesian Diversity

According to a lawyer who spoke with Hollywood Life, Evans is financially responsible for all of her children while they are with their temporary guardians. It is not known if there is an actual support order in place, however. If Jenelle and David were to lose custody permanently an official support order would likely go into effect, and the troubled duo would be forced to shell out.

Eason was nearly arrested after the murder of the family dog for failing to pay child support. Just days after Eason killed Nugget, Jenelle gave him the money needed to get him current on child support. The payment was owed to the mother of Eason’s son, Kaden.