Did Jennifer Lopez Make Alex Rodriguez Do Her Special Diet Before the Oscars?

We’ve written a lot lately on Jennifer Lopez’s celebrated/reviled 10-Day Challenge diet where you have to refrain from eating any carbs or sugar for two weeks. In a few opinion pieces, we’ve proven you can’t really sustain such a diet without reneging and gouging on junk food. Even JLo herself didn’t stick with the diet, despite continually going back to it from time to time.

Her fiancé, Alex Rodriguez, completed the diet challenge but rewarded himself in an unhealthy way. He pigged out on a carbs and sugar feast (mostly pizza).

Most people thought this was the end of the story. Recently, it’s been revealed A-Rod took on JLo’s diet challenge again just before the Oscars.

How does JLo’s diet work?

The “no carbs or sugar” plan for two weeks sounds good in the abstract. JLo’s diet can certainly work if you go by her own amazing body shape being Exhibit A. However, most people used to eating carbohydrates and at least some sugar every day will probably find a hard time keeping it going.

When even JLo can’t sustain it all the time, you know something is probably missing. You can argue eating anything in moderation is the best diet plan for most people.

Even so, when you need quick results, her diet could work well as a temporary solution. A-Rod seemed to use it for the Oscars because he knew he and JLo would be scrutinized on the red carpet, including the after-show parties.

A-Rod wanted to fit into his white tux

If you’ve seen the pics of A-Rod and JLo on the Oscar red carpet, you can’t deny they both looked very fit. A-Rod is also wearing a white tux, which is really the worst color to wear if you’ve put on a few pounds.

It didn’t stop him from realizing he needed to lose a few so he’d be in simpatico shape as his girlfriend.

He posted a behind-the-scenes video on YouTube showing how much work he put into preparing for the event. One quote he utters stands out to show you how much concern he had he wouldn’t fit into his chosen tux:

“Guys, just finished this Oscar prep. No carbs. No sugar. No life. I have to fit.”

Seeing A-Rod say “no life” proves the diet is really just a fad, or at least something only good for temporary situations. The diet wasn’t his only solution to getting into shape either. He tried another technique that’s arguably a lot healthier.

Delving into hot yoga

In the above video, A-Rod reveals he also tried hot yoga for 90 minutes to help lose further weight. Scientific evidence shows this does help your body look and feel better thanks to increased heart rate and metabolism. You’re also helping bring more oxygen to your muscles.

When you see the facts on hot yoga, you’d think A-Rod could have used this alone rather than the 10-Day Challenge. Nevertheless, the combination might become a new favorite for those who want to get in shape quickly for an event where they know their bodies will be under a spotlight.

No doubt it’s good for A-Rod being around JLo to challenge him to stay fit. Otherwise, he might be twice his normal size by now since he clearly enjoys eating a pizza or five when given the chance.

Will A-Rod use the diet challenge again?

Alex and Jennifer on the red carpet
A-Rod and JLo looking their best | Kelsey McNeal via Getty Images

A-Rod might have set a precedent for other stars to get in shape during special events rather than stick with any one diet for a length of time. Almost every fad diet eliminates too many essential nutrients to stay safe for continual use.

We’re likely looking at a time when diets like JLo’s will only be used several times a year when necessary. Chances are, we’ll see A-Rod do this again so he won’t be accused of being proudly out of shape when his soon-to-be wife is continually the spitting image of fitness.