Did Jessa Duggar’s Tribute to Grandma Mary Spill the Beans on a New Duggar Pregnancy?

Back in April 2019, fans noticed that Michelle Duggar didn’t seem to have her math right when it came to her grandchildren. In a congratulatory post, the mother of 19 appeared to add an extra grandchild to the bunch incorrectly, but she wasn’t incorrect. Instead, the matriarch of the supersized family, accidentally mentioned a pregnancy that wasn’t yet announced to the public. While eagle-eyed fans caught on quickly, it was still a couple of weeks before Lauren Swanson announced she and Josiah Duggar were expecting a child together after a miscarriage.

Now It looks like another Duggar might have made another slip. This time, Jessa Duggar’s math seems a little bit off, according to In Touch

What did Jessa say that have fans thinking there is another Duggar Baby on the way?

Jessa took to Instagram to pay tribute to Grandma Mary. The 78-year-old grandmother died tragically last week. According to reports, Mary’s death is currently being investigated as an accidental drowning. As news of her death broke, several of the Duggar kids took to Instagram and Twitter to pay tribute. Jessa’s lengthy post was sweet and well-intentioned, but she might have slipped up while grieving.

Jessa noted that Grandma Mary was looking forward to all of the upcoming fall and winter babies. The mention of a winter baby had some fans raising their eyebrows. While several of the Duggar kids are currently expecting children, they all appear to be due in the fall. Did Jessa make a mistake, or did she accidentally slip up and reveal another Duggar family pregnancy?

When are the pregnant Duggars due?

There are plenty of new Duggar babies arriving throughout the fall. While most timelines are a guestimate, Anna Duggar confirmed that Kendra is the first Duggar lady to deliver in the fall. She noted that Joy’s due date is next, followed by Lauren. Anna is, or was, the last Duggar expecting a 2019 baby, according to her comment.

Kendra announced her pregnancy via Instagram in April 2019. Assuming she and Joe decided to wait 12 weeks to announce their newest arrival, the pair should be expecting their second child together sometime in October. Joy-Anna and her husband announced their pregnancy on May 1. Fans assume the couple also waited a bit to reveal the news to the world. While the pair didn’t offer their exact due date, fans think that the second baby Forsyth should be coming in early November.

After Joy’s announcement, Anna and Josh took to Instagram to share their good news, too. The couple is officially awaiting the arrival of their sixth child. According to Anna, she’ll be the last in the group to give birth, and she is due in late November.

While Anna is the last fall pregnancy, she wasn’t the last to announce a new baby. Josiah and Lauren shared the news of their rainbow baby on Instagram. It looks like Lauren will go into labor in mid-November.

Which Duggar family member could be waiting to announce a pregnancy?

While there are a fair number of Duggars who are currently married and starting families, there are only a few who could possibly be expecting. Jessa Duggar just gave birth to her third child a few weeks back, so she’s undoubtedly not the Duggar currently pregnant. Joy, Anna, Kendra, and Lauren are all presently expecting with due dates staggered throughout the fall.

So, who is the winter baby Jessa mentioned? Some fans think Jinger appears to be hiding a baby bump as of late. Back in April Ok! Magazine noted that Jinger seemed to be obscuring her midsection in a photo shoot with her sisters. The timing doesn’t add up though. If Jinger were pregnant back in April, she’d be due around November, which would be another fall baby.

While some fans have their money on Jinger as the next pregnant Duggar, there is a larger contingent that thinks Jill Duggar will be the next to announce baby number three. It’s been several years since Sam’s traumatic birth, and Jill seems pretty open to the idea of adding another child to her family. According to Celebrity Insider, Jilly Bean has been posting photos that purposefully obscure her belly, like a June 2019 Instagram post that utilized a shopping bag to keep the mother of two’s stomach hidden.

While Jill and Jinger are excellent guesses, we can’t forget about nurse Abbie. Abbie and John David are the most recent Duggar couple to wed. The pair married in a flight-themed ceremony and reception in November 2018. While the couple is relatively quiet on social media, if they follow the timeline the rest of the Duggar kids used, they should be expecting any day now.

Guessing sure is fun, but it looks like fans will need to wait for an official announcement to get confirmation. If another Duggar is pregnant with a winter baby, the statement shouldn’t be far off.