Did Jill Duggar Totally Avoid Her Family for Yet Another Holiday?

We’ve been keeping up with the Duggar family for years, and while it all started with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, their kids are even more in the spotlight than they are these days. And a fan favorite has always been Jill Duggar. As one of the older members of the family, Jill shares two children with her controversial husband, Derick Dillard. And while they have plenty of people in their corner, fans love to speculate about what their lives are like since they’re no longer a part of TLC’s Counting On.

The Duggars are huge fans of Easter Sunday due to the religious nature of the holiday — but it seems Jill didn’t spend the holiday with her family. This isn’t the first time she’s been absent from a Duggar celebration, either. Could there be a secret reason why?

There are rumors that Derick Dillard is not welcome to the Duggar family home

It’s no secret that Derick Dillard got him and Jill kicked off of Counting On. After he unleashed a series of transphobic tweets against TLC co-star Jazz Jennings, the network decided to drop him and Jill — and it seems it may have put him out of favor with the other Duggars as well. As one insider told Radar Online, “Everything that Derick has said has caused the family bad press.” The source went on to say that Jim Bob and Michelle are particularly upset by “what he says and how he says it” — and fans have assumed that’s the reason he’s never seen in any of the family photos on the Duggar Family Instagram account.

It seems Derick’s poor relationship with the Duggars may affect how often Jill sees her family, too. There’s speculation that Jill’s no longer ultra-close with a few of her sisters because of the family strife, and some think Jill primarily communicates with her siblings via Instagram, which seems odd.

Jill seemed to visit her in-laws, not her parents, for Easter

The Duggars get serious about any religious holiday, so of course, they had plenty of activities planned for Easter, or “Resurrection Day,” as they prefer to call it. Michelle and Jim Bob posted a few photos on the Duggar Family Instagram to show how the younger kids were celebrating. We’re not completely sure which Duggars were in attendance for the celebration, but it’s clear that once again, Jill and Derick were not there. And it seems even more obvious that the Dillard family didn’t visit Jim Bob and Michelle because Derick’s mother posted a photo of Jill and Derick’s kids to her Instagram.

Cathy Dillard, Derick’s mom, posted this adorable photo with the caption, “Jesus is Risen and that makes us happy! Have a blessed Resurrection Day!” The sentiment is sweet — but it had many wondering why Jill wasn’t visiting her younger siblings or parents on the day that means so much to her family.

Fans suspect Jill not attending Easter with her parents and siblings is no coincidence

Jill’s settling into a new home and raising her own family, so the fact that she didn’t go to her parents’ for Easter may be no big deal. Fans on Reddit think there could be more to the story, however. “Jill’s married siblings are always over … on both holidays and non holidays-which makes me think there’s beef,” one Reddit user said. Another added that they believe it all started with Derick getting kicked off the show, which would have potentially caused the family to lose money and also could have aggravated Jim Bob.

Others suspect that Derick’s mom actually came to the new house to visit and Jill and Derick didn’t leave their home for the holiday at all. “This is at the new house, not Cathys…..can tell by the carpet and the very narrow baseboards….it’s possible they have ordered new furniture and it hasn’t arrived yet,” one Reddit user added. Another wrote, “Yeah I’m gonna guess they spend more time with her [Cathy] just on the basis that she actually visits them and it seems like her [Jill’s] parents rarely do.”

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