Did Jill Duggar’s Recent Instagram Post Reveal Money Trouble?

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard have been seemingly excommunicated from the family. During their two sons’ recent illness, family members were nowhere in sight, and they weren’t on hand to help Jill and Derick move into their new home several months ago. The Duggar clan has also taken several vacations, sans Jill and Derick in recent months. If there is a rift in the family, it can be assumed that the Duggar family money is no longer keeping Jill, Derick, and their two kids in the lifestyle they’ve become accustomed to. Jill’s recent Instagram posts might actually be indicating the family is having some financial issues.   

Jill and Derick celebrate Halloween for the very first time

The Duggar family doesn’t believe in celebrating Halloween. The supersized family has been outspoken about their desire to abstain from the holiday in the past. According to Romper, the family is against the concept of magic and other sorcery, which is in no short supply during the month of October. Jill, however, seems to be going her own way.

The mother of two dressed her two kids up and paraded them around during Halloween. It looked like the youngsters were into the entire concept, too. It makes sense; after all, they are still kids. While they didn’t partake in the more traditional trick-or-treating activities associated with the holiday there were obviously okay with celebrating it. Jill and Derick’s idea of celebrating Halloween, however, is making some followers wonder if the family is experiencing some money troubles.

Did Jill and Derick dress their kids up for free food?

Haloweeners across the country dress up every Oct. 31 and hit the streets to collect candy. Jill, with absolutely no frame of reference, dressed her kids up in homemade costumes, but she decided to forgo the candy rush. Instead, she and Derick dragged their kids into fast food joints for a cheap meal.

According to Jill’s Instagram profile, the family of four stopped by Sonic to grab some cheap corndogs. Presumably, the kids consumed the corndogs. Next, they stopped at Chipotle for a more grownup supper. They gobbled down $4 burritos with free guacamole. They then washed it all down with free Krispy Kreme donuts.

It would seem like the couple simply dressed their kids up to enjoy some free food and dinner deals. Many of the transactions mentioned required the partaker to be dressed up to receive the deal. If they really did forgo the regular trick-or-treating activities, did they just dress up their kids for free food, and if they did, what does that say about the Jill and Derick’s financial situation?

Are Jill and Derick having financial problems?

If the cheap corndogs and free donuts were not enough to indicate the family is in some financial trouble, all viewers need to do is look at the numbers. Jill and Derick recently moved into a home in Lowell, Arkansas. While the couple’s exact address is unknown, Zillow indicates the median home price in the town is $183,000. Jill is working as a social media influencer, while Derick attends law school and works as a contractor for GrubHub in his free time.

A micro-influencer, like Jill, could make between $60,000 and $100,000 each year, but Jill is pretty selective with the brand she’ll work with. She tends to promote small, Christian-run businesses. She’s likely making closer to $30,000 each year. Derick, as a contractor, probably makes around $11.00 per hour he works, according to USA Today. Add in the family’s needed health insurance, Derick’s law school tuition, and the fun fact that the family of four were allegedly never paid for their time on Counting On and the family’s wallet is probably more than a bit light.