Did Kanye West Just Apologize to Jay-Z In His New Song

When Kanye West’s most recent song hit Instagram in July after debuting on BET, fans couldn’t stop speculating about it. His lyrics seemed to suggest he was extending an olive branch to his friend Jay-Z. However, the song (at least Kanye’s version) has all but disappeared, and though fans are pushing for its release, we may never know what Kanye’s intentions were for this music.

Kanye West has a long-time feud with Jay-Z

This isn’t the first time Kanye has referred to Jay-Z as “family.” The superstar rappers have previously worked together on music. They have similar career goals, fashion sense, and attend many of the same events. Their children are relatively close in age and the pair used to call themselves best friends. He’s even been previously reported to have said that he and Jay-Z were as close as brothers.

However, Jay-Z and Kanye have found themselves in the middle of a long-lasting feud, with no end in sight. Kanye has a long list of complaints about the kind of friend Jay-Z has been and Kanye’s famous rant in 2016 about how he was upset with Jay-Z after Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint. Apparently, Jay-Z didn’t even bother to check in on Kanye’s family after the incident and the West/Kardashian clan is holding a grudge.

West’s new song ‘Brothers’

Brothers could first be heard as part of the season two premiere of the show Tales on BET. It aired July 2nd and immediately sparked controversy. The lyrics seem to indicate it could be an anthem celebrating Kanye’s friendship with Jay-Z. It references burying the hatchet on old fights, repairing friendships, and includes the lyrics which discuss the idea of being “brothers forever”.

The song plays near the end of the episode as the best man gives his toast in a wedding scene. Some of the speech the best man makes actually are lyrics from the song itself. Then, the DJ suggests everyone come to the dance floor to hear some new music. “I got this new Kanye West” the DJ proclaims. The first verse of Brothers then plays as everyone dances. 

The song certainly seems to speak to the idea of mending old wounds as the lyrics speak to the closeness of family ties. “We’ll be brothers forever / What happens to one of us happens to us together / And we’ll be brothers forever.”

BET producers encouraged fan speculation

Irv Gotti, co-producer of Brothers and creator of Tales, added fuel to the fire. When he was asked about the inspiration or meaning of the song, he offered two very distinct opinions.

“There is a lot of speculation right now on who Kanye West is rapping about on the song ‘Brothers’,” Gotti, wrote in the caption attached to the now-deleted Instagram post. “So here is the song… Listen. And decide for yourself if you think Kanye is rapping about Jay Z or Virgil [Abloh, high fashion designer].” Fans are torn on whether to believe the song is directed toward one or the other, or even indicates he’d like to mend fences with both former friends.

Where can you hear the song now?


The song has never been officially released and the original Instagram post was removed shortly after it was posted. Fans can still hear the one minute and 30 seconds that appear at the end of the episode of Tales, but the full song may never be available for listeners. Although West’s fans were excited about the track especially given their appreciation for his other non-album releases, his label had decided it was better to focus on his upcoming album release.

Forbes reports that the track has caused quite a lot of controversy between those who participated in it’s making, each arguing about when and how it should be shared with the world.

Hopefuls are still waiting for Kanye to change his mind, but in the meantime, they can look forward to his upcoming album release.