Did Kate Middleton Set the Royal Standard Too High for Meghan Markle?

Kate Middleton is one of the most popular members of the royal family. Her relationship with Prince William began nearly 20 years ago and the two are still going strong today. As such, Middleton has spent much of her life in the spotlight, and the British public feels much closer to her than to many other public figures.

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle
Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle | Chris Jackson – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Middleton’s good relationship with the public and press might possibly have caused some issues for Meghan Markle, the other duchess and a royal family member who gets a good deal of negative media attention. 

Kate Middleton has grown with the royal family

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Kate Middleton first met Prince William in 2001 and the two formed a fast friendship. Their collegiate friendship ultimately turned to romance and when the media caught wind of their relationship, they couldn’t get enough of the young couple. Middleton, the daughter of upper-middle-class parents and raised in a beautiful English town, seemed like the perfect match for Prince William. Her athletic good looks and easy charm, with a smile always at the ready, meant she was able to make friends easily. Reportedly, every member of the royal family has a good relationship with her.

In 2011, after years of dating, Prince William and Kate Middleton got married. Thousands tuned in to watch their wedding, and two years after, Middleton gave birth to a son, Prince George. The two have gone on to welcome two more children, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. In all that time, Middleton has seemingly only grown more popular. 

Meghan Markle has a lot to live up to

Meghan Markle joined the royal family under very different circumstances than Kate Middleton. Born and raised in California to divorced parents, Markle supported herself through a series of odd jobs for years before establishing herself as a well-known actress. From the very beginning, Markle was attacked and vilified by the British press, who found every reason why she wasn’t a good match for their beloved Prince Harry.

In a recent report, a royal insider claims that Markle feels as though no matter what she does, she will never be able to equal the high standard Kate Middleton has set. Supposedly, Markle feels discouraged that the British public won’t offer her more of a chance to be her own person, and to carve her own place within the royal family.

Still, the insider claims that there’s no bad blood between the women and that long-standing rumors of a feud are unfounded. In fact, the insider states that ever since Meghan Markle gave birth to Archie Harrison in May, the two women have become closer than ever before, bonding over their mutual status as mothers. 

The public should give Meghan Markle more of a chance

Despite that Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle are both duchesses and both high-profile members of the royal family, their roles are actually quite different. Kate Middleton will become queen consort when Prince William ascends the throne. She will have to take on even more responsibilities than ever, while still juggling the full-time job of being a wife and mother.

Meghan Markle, on the other hand, will in all likelihood never have to worry about the pressures of ruling a country. Prince Harry is sixth in line for the throne, following Prince Charles, Prince William, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. That means his job, and Markle’s, is much less high-profile than Prince William and Middleton’s, and they are given a bit more freedom – both with their professional responsibilities and personal lives. 

While both royal women are well-suited for the pressures of public life, perhaps the British public should start to be a little more accepting of their differences.