Did Kehlani’s Boyfriend YG Cheat On Her?

Singer Kehlani and her boyfriend, rapper YG, were just the “it” couple of the moment a few weeks ago. Now, the couple is facing one of their first public trials as they navigate cheating rumors.

YG and Kehlani
(L-R) Kehlani and YG | Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

How long have Kehlani and YG been together?

In September 2019, Kehlani and YG made their first public appearance together at New York Fashion Week. After the public appearance, she then uploaded photos of them to Instagram with the caption “cats out the bag.”

Rumors of their supposed relationship started making their way around a few weeks before.

Since then, they’ve been cozy and open about their relationship on social media.

YG caught kissing another woman

The Shade Room initially posted a video this week that showed YG talking to an unidentified woman in his car and then kissing her multiple times.

The report reads, “Looks like after a fun night with his crew, YG hopped in a fire red lambo but right before he took off, our video shows he’s talking to a girl who is crouching down for a cute lil’ chit chat. The convo must have been good cause a few seconds later YG lifts his doors to get up close & personal.”

YG’s team explained what happened in that moment to The Shade Room, saying, “He was drunk, got carried away and it was very regretful for putting himself in that situation and hurting Kehlani. He has no romantic connection to the girl, just a drunken moment carried away.”

Since the video surfaced, Kehlani has deleted most of the photos of YG from her Instagram.

What fans are saying about the cheating rumors

Fans of the musicians are up in arms about the alleged situation.

“YG cheating on Kehlani has proved there is no hope for love in the world,” one tweeted. Another said, “yg cheated one kehlani n this is why can’t we have nice things.”

Many fans called out what seemed to be a double standard. “YG said he kissed that girl because he was drunk and he was sorry, let Kehlani would’ve said that internet would’ve lit her up,” tweeted one fan.

“YG got caught cheating on Kehlani clear as day. Ya’ll gonna chant her name at his shows like you did to her?” said one person, referencing what happened to Kehlani in the aftermath of her breakup with Kyrie Irving.

Will Kehlani and YG stand the test of time or is this a dealbreaker? We’ll find out soon enough.