Did Kendall Jenner Just Become America’s Favorite Kardashian-Jenner Sister?

Kendall Jenner is used to stealing the show. Her amazing looks and fun, sweet personality win over practically everyone she meets. However, Jenner outdid herself on a recent Tonight Show appearance with Jimmy Fallon.

Jenner’s charismatic charm converted the entire audience to her fans. She may just be the new favorite Kardashian-Jenner sister. Thirsty for details on her appearance? We’ve got you covered. 

Kendall Jenner
Kendall Jenner | Ryan Emberley/amfAR/Getty Images for amfAR

Kendall Jenner can’t handle Brad Pitt’s hotness

Although Jenner used to be the Kardashian-Jenner sister most often forgotten about, she absolutely slayed her recent appearance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon.

Fans couldn’t get enough of her witty comments and grace. She won’t be forgotten about anymore. 

One way she impressed fans was by admitting something completely relatable. Jenner revealed that she actually dodged her chance to meet Brad Pitt because she couldn’t handle the experience. Her opportunity to meet Pitt presented itself at one of Kanye West’s Sunday services. 

“He was there,” Jenner told Fallon. “I think he’s been a couple of times, but that was the first time that I was there when he was there.” However, Jenner has a personal rule when it comes to meeting the world’s greatest. “Don’t ever meet your superhero,” she said. 

And to Jenner, Pitt is a superhero. “I just love him so much, I’m like, I’m just going to leave it like that,” Jenner admitted. “I just get so nervous.” 

Apparently, Jenner was either afraid that she’d make a bad impression, which we can’t imagine happening, but it’s so endearing that Jenner thinks that would be possible, or she was afraid Pitt wouldn’t live up to the expectations that she’s built up in her head, which honestly, would be possible. 

“He just like, gets better with age,” Jenner said of Pitt. “So I was like, I gotta go… And I literally left early.”

Fans were won over by her answer because it’s so relatable. It’s lovely to know that even supermodels get nervous, and second guess themselves. 

Jenner revealed which of her sister’s exes is her favorite

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Another fan favorite from Jenner’s Tonight Show appearance, was when she revealed her favorite man from all her sister’s exes. And there’s a lot to choose from. There are professional athletes, like Kris Humphries, Lamar Odom, Reggie Bush, and Tristan Thompson. And there are rappers, like Ray J, and Tyga. The list of Kardashian-Jenner exes is like a “who’s who” in the entertainment world. 

However, out of all these successful and handsome guys, Jenner chose big sister Kourtney Kardashian’s ex, Scott Disick. The answer was revealed during a game of “pour it out” in which Jenner and Fallon had a full shot glass along with a question written on a card.

They read the question to themselves, gave only the answer to the audience, and then they could choose to either take the shot or reveal what the question was. Jenner gave her answer of Disick’s name, and then choose to reveal the question, which was: “Which one of your sister’s exes is your favorite?”

We aren’t really surprised by Jenner’s answer. Out of all the exes, Disick is the one who is still closest to the family. He even takes vacations with them. 

Jenner claims North West is the world’s next great fashionista

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The cutest reveal for the entire interview came when Fallon held up side-by-side photos of Kim Kardashian’s daughter, North West, and Jenner, dressed in the same top. Fallon claimed it was an issue of “who wore it better.” 

Jenner revealed that her little niece has the best fashion sense. “She’s obsessed [about fashion],” Jenner said of West. “And she’s so good at it. It’s crazy. She does all her outfits now, and Kanye just buys her all these fun clothes, and Kim as well… She’s really creative and it’s really fun to watch.”

In 10-20 years, we may have little West ruling the fashion world. We’ll have to wait and see. However, she has some big shoes to live up to. Jenner has made quite a name for herself in the fashion world as well, and this recent interview cemented her as a fan favorite. By the time West grows up, Jenner may have already taken over the world.