Did Kim Kardashian Go to College and Does It Matter to Become a Lawyer?

If you think we’re already living in a surreal enough world, Kim Kardashian goes and reveals she’s studying to become a lawyer.

Before you think we’re living in a dream, this revelation basically reinvents what you’ve thought of Kardashian all these years. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians persona that’s shaped public perception of the Kardashians arguably hasn’t done any favors for people like Kim. After all, we forget her late father (Robert Kardashian) was an attorney who controversially helped O.J. Simpson go free.

For Kim, though, she’s on a different path toward fair justice in removing innocent people from prison. Her method of educating herself on criminal law will become a little bit unconventional.

If you want to be a lawyer, it pays to live in California


Those of you who don’t live in California probably don’t know that the state has a specialized law saying you can still practice as a lawyer without having a college degree. It is known as “Reading the law” — you only have to pass the bar exam through self-study or by being apprenticed through a law firm.

Cosmopolitan did a lengthy article on this recently as well and noted the many double takes at hearing about Kardashian’s new career decision. She now destroys the old myth that you can’t be anything if you never go to college.

While some will argue the Kardashians were wealthy enough where they didn’t have to partake in a college admissions scandal of their own, nobody thought they had any other ambitions other than being celebrity businesswomen.

It turns out that maybe a little bit of the spirit of Kim’s dad resides in her.

Why is Kim Kardashian becoming a lawyer?

According to reality TV star, she’s studying criminal law now with the intention to take the bar exam by 2022. She’s doing this through a four-year apprenticeship with a San Francisco law firm, which seems almost impossible when you’re running a major company and taping a reality show most of the year.

The reading is already voluminous, but Kardashian is going at it and says she gets the gist of all criminal law concepts. What we want to know is how surreal it must be taking part in her reality show, running her makeup company, then reading a law book all in the same day.

Hopefully we’ll see some references to her new legal goals on KUWTK to add a meta touch to the show. Whether she’ll start orating like a lawyer on the show over the next few years will also be interesting to witness.

Will Kim really pass the bar exam in 2022?


Anyone who’s tried to take the bar exam in California knows it’s one of the most challenging of any state. Even though she appears to understand the concepts, only understanding them in an abstract sense might make passing the bar all the tougher.

Let’s not count her out, though. Van Jones recently praised Kim up and down over her command of convincing President Trump to release Alice Marie Johnson from prison. Her understanding of helping those who were wronged by the criminal justice system is a worthy endeavor and originally went against Trump’s agenda.

Growing her command on this issue will be something to behold and perhaps make her take on similar cases her dad took on. Hopefully she won’t end up with an O.J. Simpson-like case that would put her under the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

Merely using her legal skills to remove people from prison who don’t belong there will be the best public service Kardashian will ever do in life. And if she’s able to help lives, fans and critics should be supportive of her endeavors.