Did Logan and Veronica make a good couple on ‘Veronica Mars’?

The long-awaited season 4 of Veronica Mars has been on Hulu for over a week now, so Marshmallows have probably had time to binge the entire eight-episode season. This article contains spoilers for the fourth season of Veronica Mars, all the way through the very ending. So do not read this until you’ve finished season 4 of Veronica Mars.

Veronica Mars
Veronica Mars — “Heads You Lose” – Episode 404 — Veronica Mars (Kristen Bell) and Logan Echolls (Jason Dohring), shown. | Michael Desmond/Hulu

When Jason Dohring attended the Hulu lunch for the Television Critics Association, he reflected on his time on the show since it premiered in 2004. Logan (Dohring) and Veronica (Kristen Bell)’s relationship was a roller coaster in the latest season, but Dohring thought it was all positive, even the tragedies and disappointments. 

Jason Dohring agrees with Logan’s casual marriage proposal

Being the good detective she is, Veronica found Logan’s engagement ring before he got to ask. And she initially said no. Logan took the news well and remained her boyfriend despite the disappointment. 

Veronica Mars
Veronica Mars — “Chino and the Man” – Episode 402 — Logan Echolis (Jason Dohring) and Veronica Mars (Kristen Bell), shown. | Michael Desmond/Hulu)

“If there is an explosion of any kind or whatever, it’s best not to let fireworks just explode and let her have her time,” Dohring said. “I think, I was hoping or playing with maybe that Logan had the foresight that he would let her settle down and rationalize it and then take it from there, although he was hoping for the best.”

Jason Dohring supports the ending of ‘Veronica Mars’ season 4

So here come the big spoilers. If you’ve finished season 4, you’re probably still reeling at Logan’s death in a car explosion. Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas has said that in the interest of future Veronica Mars episodes, staying in Neptune with Logan wouldn’t be very interesting, nor would pairing her off with a new love interest every season.

Veronica Mars
Veronica Mars — “Chino and the Man” – Episode 402 — Logan Echolis (Jason Dohring), shown. | Michael Desmond/Hulu

“Rob was so cool,” Dohring said. “Before anything came out, scripts or anything, he told me what was going on. Every step of the way he was just very, very upfront, including telling me the rationale behind it. I was able to, although being heartbroken for a few days, I was able to understand the broader picture of what he was thinking with that decision.”

Veronica and Logan’s relationship is still resolved

Before Logan’s untimely death, he did marry Veronica. She came around to his proposal and they took their relationship to the next level. Considering he never expected Logan to be around this long, Dohring was happy.

“I was supposed to be the *sshole in the show and that was all that was supposed to go,” Dohring said. “So I feel like anything along that road, any development of this character has been a real bonus because I wasn’t expecting anything. I was gracious to the writers for continuing to push in different directions, write in different directions.”

Veronica Mars
Veronica Mars — “Keep Calm and Party On” – Episode 403 — Veronica Mars (Kristen Bell) and Logan Echolis (Jason Dohring), shown. | Michael Desmond/Hulu

The show is still called Veronica Mars. It’s not the Logan show, so Dohring feels Logan has served his purpose.

“I think that fans would appreciate everything that Kristen had put into the role in creating this and go with her,” Dohring said. “I’m happy that they’re happy with the show, that the show has kept it s quality over this many iterations. I’m proud that it’s kept going. Rob Thomas has led the way.”

We’ve seen what Veronica and Logan would be like married

Even though they didn’t make it to their honeymoon, viewers don’t have to wonder what their domestic life would be like. Dohring says their cohabitation in season 4 was an accurate depiction of their potential marital bliss.

Veronica Mars
Veronica Mars — “Heads You Lose” – Episode 404 — Veronica Mars (Kristen Bell) and Logan Echolis (Jason Dohring), shown. | Michael Desmond/Hulu

“I think they were able to do a little bit of that in the fourth season of living together and trying to help each other, handling anything I need to so that I can also take not just for my own life but to help another person,” Dohring said. “I think that’s a really noble and cool thing to do with the character, to make her chase her dreams and to forward and help her spearhead literally her own life and her potential.”

Even Jason Dohring would’ve chosen Leo

When Logan was away, Veronica flirted pretty hard with Leo D’Amato (Max Greenfield). She even had a sex dream about him. Dohring would have supported that too.

Veronica Mars
Veronica Mars — “Heads You Lose” – Episode 404 — Leo (Max Greenfield) and Veronica Mars (Kristen Bell), shown. | Michael Desmond/Hulu

“I might choose Max Greenfield,” Dohring said. “He’s so charming. I remember watching his smile on the original show and saying, ‘Wow, man. How could one ever compete with that?’ I assume in a great world, he would want her to be happy. In any way that she could be happy, I would be cool with that.”