Did Marvel Just Confirm ‘Avengers 5’ Is A Go With Spider-Man Back in the MCU?

Marvel’s new deal with Sony to keep Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe made headlines across the internet this week, but there was another announcement about Avengers 5 that slid quietly under the radar. Marvel has already revealed a lot about Phase 4, and the Sony deal includes a Spider-Man cameo in a future MCU movie that has yet to be announced. Nothing official has been confirmed, but there is a good chance that Spider-Man’s next cameo will be in Avengers 5. Here’s everything we know about the next chapter in the Avengers franchise.

Marvel Avengers 5
The cast of Marvel’s ‘Avengers: Endgame’ | Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

Marvel prepares for Phase 4

Marvel has been dropping big announcements ever since it revealed the lineup for Phase 4 at San Diego Comic-Con. In addition to upcoming projects like Black Widow and The Eternals, we have learned that Marvel is working on a slew of television shows with Disney, plus a new Blade movie.

The purchase of X-Men and Deadpool from Fox also opens the door for new characters in the MCU, not to mention that Marvel will likely be moving forward with a Captain Marvel sequel.

While the studio has confirmed the majority of its projects in Phase 4, it has not said anything about Avengers 5.

Given the current lineup, it is unlikely that we will get another Avengers movie in Phase 4, but the new deal with Sony could mean that Avengers 5 is closer than we think – and it all has something to do with our Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man.

Sony and Marvel reach a new agreement on Spider-Man

Following the premiere of Spider-Man: Far From Home, Marvel and Sony failed to ink a new contract, threatening the character’s future in the MCU.

The idea that Holland would not be reprising his role as Spider-Man in the MCU was worrisome for fans, especially considering how his story arc was not over. Far From Home ended with Peter Parker being outed as the real Spider-Man, a revelation that will definitely complicate things.

Fortunately, the studios were able to come to an agreement this month and recently confirmed that Spider-Man isn’t going anywhere.

According to BGR, the new contract allows Marvel and Sony to produce a third movie in the Spider-Man franchise, details of which have been kept tightly under wraps. Sony is also allowed to feature Spider-Man in its comic-book universe, though no projects have been announced.

The deal also gives Marvel the freedom to feature Spider-Man in a future project in the MCU. Although fans have speculated about all the possibilities – we like the idea of teaming Spidey up with Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool – the most likely appearance would be in Avengers 5.

After all, there is no guarantee that Spider-Man will remain in the MCU after the new contract is up. Marvel will not pass up on the opportunity to include the character is the next major ensemble.

It also gives them a chance to give Spider-Man an epic send-off and have him lead an entirely new team of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

Did Marvel confirm ‘Avengers 5’ is in the works?

Fans are pretty convinced that the new deal between Sony and Marvel is proof that Avengers 5 is underway.

Unfortunately, Marvel has not commented on the rumors or confirmed that they are working on Avengers 5.

The studio has a packed lineup for the next two years, so even if Avengers 5 is a go, it probably won’t premiere until 2022 at the earliest. This would put the film’s premiere towards the end of Phase 4 or the beginning of Phase 5 of the MCU, assuming the next phase starts up within two years.

As part of the big announcement, Marvel confirmed that Spider-Man 3 is set to open in theaters in 2021. If Peter Parker is going to have a cameo in Avengers 5, then fans shouldn’t expect the movie to be released until after his next solo outing is complete.

In the meantime, the next movie in Marvel’s lineup is Black Widow, which is set to open in theaters on May 1, 2020, followed by The Eternals, which will be out next November.